January 28, Tuesday
Stories of historical figures and information about archaeological findings in articles of Mrias magazine

Regular issue of quarterly scientific and popular Miras magazine produced by Magtumguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Arts of the country was published. Addressed to broad reading auditory, the magazine published in Turkmen, Russian and English languages continues the series of articles of Turkmen and foreign scientists about new discoveries as well as about the results of studies of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the nation. For example, article “Medieval living house discovered in Abiverd Stronghold” give the information about archaeological monuments of Kaahka etrap, Ahal velayat including about Peshdag (local name of Abiverd). The article speaks in details about researches made in this lace in different years as well as about the results of work of special scientific expedition organized presently for study of the monument using modern methods and technologies. The author notes that a two-room house, which walls were built of raw and tempered bricks, and veranda between these two rooms have been found on the territory of 11 by 14 meters in the southeast part of the city. Planning and arrangement of the house is typical for Southern Turkmenistan of the late middle ages. The artefacts, which were found there, gives imagination about life, tangible culture and level of development of pottery as well as about trade relations of local population. Article “About Handwritten versions of the Poem by Lutfi “Gul’ and Nowruz” gives interesting information about outstanding representative of Merv and Herat (Khorasan) school of medieval Turkmen literature Molla Omar Ibn Lutfulla, who is more known in the East as Movlan Lutfi. Writing of the poem became indeed a remarkable event in cultural life of that time. Perfectness of the prose and skill of narration of this work made significant impact on the art of not only Lutfi contemporaries but also on later Turkmen classical poets ...

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