The Ashgabat Zoo has a new addition to the families of crocodiles and giraffes, the Rasul Klychev Symphony Orchestra will give a concert “All the best for Encore!”, Warming up to 35 degrees is expected in the south of Turkmenistan

The Ashgabat Zoo has a new addition to the families of crocodiles and giraffes, the Rasul Klychev Symphony Orchestra will give a concert “All the best for Encore!”, Warming up to 35 degrees is expected in the south of Turkmenistan

1. The cubs were born in two families of the National Museum of Wildlife of Turkmenistan - Nile crocodiles and reticulated giraffes. At present time, the tiny crocodile is quarantined in a separate terrarium, it will be shown to visitors as soon as it gets stronger. But a two-meter baby giraffe is already entertaining zoo visitors to the fullest.

2.The Youth Chamber Orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev again invites connoisseurs of classical music to the concert “All the best for Encore!”.On November 12, the most popular vocal and instrumental compositions from the repertoire of the Youth Orchestra will be performed at the Mukams Palace of the National Cultural Center.

Famous vocalists Maya Niyazova, Leyli Okdirova, Nury Nuryev and violinist Samir Rizayev will also participate in the concert.

3. The exit of the South Caspian cyclone opens the way for warm air to the south of Turkmenistan. Summer will return to Ashgabat for a short time next Friday, October 21, the air temperature will warm up to +32 - +35 degrees. In Ahal velayat, the temperature will also exceed +30 degrees.

4. A branch of the Halk market chain of stores has opened in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal velayat. The new outlet is located in the shopping center “Gyami”. The assortment of the store, as before, presents a large selection of food products, hygiene products, household chemicals, cosmetics and other goods.

5.A consultative meeting was held in the office of the Ozone Center under the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan in the field of the refrigeration industry sector, measures that could help Turkmenistan to steadily pass the period of withdrawing freons from circulation, which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

In accordance with the plan of the Ozone Center, by 2047 Turkmenistan will completely abandon environmentally hazardous freons.

6. The festival “Art and Poetry” dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan has opened in the Lebap velayat, in which members of the Society of the Blind and Deaf of Turkmenistan attended. The forum program includes concert performances in several educational institutions of Turkmenabat.

7.From January 1, 2023, a new tax is introduced for vacationers in Türkiye - on accommodation.The fee is planned to be collected in the process of purchasing a ticket by a tourist.

All types of accommodation for tourists will be subject to taxation: hotels, guest houses, hostels, motels.A 2% accommodation tax will be levied on overnight stays and other services that are usually included in the package - food, entertainment, use of the pool, spa services, etc.

8.British actor Tom Felton shared details from the set of the Harry Potter films.For every take that was ruined, the young actors received a “red card” which meant the child had to put £10 in a special bag.

At the end of the shooting day, the entire amount of the fines went to charity.Felton also recalled that his colleague Rupert Grint, who played the role of Ron Weasley, received the largest number of fines for conduct. “I believe he put in over £2,500 during the first two films alone, such was his inability to control himself when he giggles hit”, said the British actor.

9. The national tennis team of Turkmenistan continues to confidently perform at the Davis Cup in Bahrain. Following the Bhutan team, the Turkmen tennis players beat the Mongolian team. Yuri Rogussky and Meylis Orazmuhammedov proved to be stronger than the Mongolian tennis players both in singles matches and in doubles confrontation.

10.In November, the start of the championship of Turkmenistan on ice hockey of the season 2022/2023 is planned.According to the chairman of the Hockey Federation of Turkmenistan, Jor Hudaiberdiyev, the number of participants is still being agreed, but the organizers expect that there will be at least 8 hockey teams.

The games will be held at two Ashgabat ice arenas - the “Galkan” Sports Center and the Winter Sports Complex.

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