The first curling tournament was held in Turkmenistan

The first curling tournament was held in Turkmenistan

The first open Cup of the Curling Federation of Turkmenistan among mixed couples born in 2008 and younger was held in Ashgabat on the ice arena of the Winter Sports Palace.

As Chairman of the Curling Federation Begmyrat Jeparov noted in an interview with the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”, at this tournament the teams competed in the Olympic discipline “mixed doubles”, which consisted of two players - one boy and one girl.

The game of the team was led by the skip, which, with a brush and conventional signs, indicates which throw must be made - in the direction, with what rotation and at what speed.

If necessary, athletes can adjust the sliding distance and the trajectory of the stone by rubbing the ice with special brushes.

The participants alternately launched special stones made of granite across the ice in the direction of a target marked on the ice - “home”.The object of the game of curling is to place your team's stones closer to the center of the house.

If one stone is closer to the center, then the team earns one point, if two stones are closer, then two points, etc.The game lasts a certain number of ends (rounds).

The team that scores the most points in all ends wins.

According to the results of the competition, prizes were distributed as follows:

As the head coach in curling Sakina Gulamalyeva noted, Turkmenistan plans to improve the activities of youth and junior teams in this sport in order to grow worthy candidates for the national team. According to the organizers of the tournament, young athletes will soon undergo training camps.

Curling has been recognized as an Olympic sport since 1998.It is worth noting that the Olympic competitions are also held among the younger generation.The next IV Winter Youth Olympic Games in the age category from 14 to 18 years old will be held in the Republic of Korea in the city of Gangwon-do from January 19 to February 2, 2024.

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