The first restaurant of Turkmen cuisine “Ashgabat” opens in Moscow

The first restaurant of Turkmen cuisine “Ashgabat” opens in Moscow

New restaurant “Ashgabat” recently opened in Moscow invited residents and guests of Russian capital in the days of New Year holidays into a gastronomic journey through the vastness of the Turkmen national cuisine, informs TURKMENISTAN.RU website.

This is the first and yet the only point of food services in the city where it is possible to taste traditional Turkmen cuisine. And today only in “Ashgabat” restaurant it is possible to order one of the most authentic Turkmen dishes dograma.

The menu includes national first hot dishes shurpa and unash, also variations of fried, steamed and baked dough combinations with different types of meat: manti, pasties, samsa, features. The choice of barbecue on the grill is varied.

Restaurant has comfortable location: within walking distance from the metro, not far from city centre. This makes it appealing for the representatives of Turkmen diaspora, as well as for all gourmets who are ready to taste the best dishes of Turkmen dastarhan.

Cozy halls can accept a lot of guests at the same time, but it is also possible to make order with delivery, informs the source.

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