The head of the state...

Today, Turkmen nationals mark the 31st anniversary of sacred independence of the fatherland in the atmosphere of nationwide inspiration in the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the powerful state, which confidently goes ahead towards heights of progress and prosperity.

…according to the established tradition, main events in honour of the glorious date of the national calendar took place on the square in front of the State tribune, which welcomed numerous guests in festive dress.

The staffs of military and law enforcement bodies with honour continue glorious traditions of great Turkmen sons in serving their fatherland and worthily respond for the constant care of the Government demonstrating the mastery skill of the latest equipment and weapons, a high level of theoretical and combat training.

Defenders of the fatherland follow defensive goals of the Military doctrine at fulfilment of their duties.

…the commander of the military parade R.Ayazov reports the minister of defence, secretary of the State Security Council B.Gundogdyev on readiness of the staffs of the Armed Forces of Türkmenistan for the start of the parade.

Having accepted the report, minister of defence, secretary of the State Security Council drives around the army, greeting troops taking part in the parade, which include servicemen and cadets of specialized higher educational institutions and schools, soldiers and officers of the national army.

The national hymn of Turkmenistan sounds. By the flagpole the national flag of Turkmenistan rises.

The sacred green banner of the native fatherland is a symbol of pride and patriotism for all generations inspiring Turkmen nationals into great deeds, labour achievements, and summiting of new heights of progress in all spheres.

For thirty-one years, our country under the national flag makes a new history and confidently goes on the path of prosperity reaching new heights and gaining recognition in the world as the state with its unique model of independent development and legal status of neutrality…

Lined on the square officers and cadets deliver a sacred oath to loyalty of the fatherland, people, and the President. Servicemen of the national army not only defend sacredly glorious traditions passed from generation to generation but also confirm their loyalty to wise sayings of ancestors in action.

The parade of modern military equipment delivered in recent years for all security forces, displays a high level of combat training of the Turkmen state, readiness to counteract challenges and threats of the time.

The advanced technologies are efficiently used in daily activities of military and law enforcement bodies that help officers and soldiers successfully fulfil responsible tasks set before them.

In the present epoch the image of the military naval forces, which defend the borders of the fatherland on the Caspian Sea and ensure security of the country, peace and tranquillity of Turkmen people, significantly have grown.

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