The leader of the nation visited the Akhal-Teke equestrian sports complex of the President of Turkmenistan

The leader of the nation visited the Akhal-Teke equestrian sports complex of the President of Turkmenistan

Yesterday, leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the Akhal-Teke equestrian sports complex of the President of Turkmenistan, where he saw “heavenly” racers and then engaged in creative writing, continuing artistic traditions of our ancestors that have become the national value of world significance.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the head of the state, the prestige and international fame of legendary Akhal-Teke horses, which have taken a worthy place in world culture, grow.

In recent years, foreign scholars, historians and horse breeders have attached close attention to Akhal-Teke horses as a bright example of creative gift of Turkmen people. … The President of the country arrived in the equestrian sports complex on the first day of springtime, which has set upon completion of 90 days of the national calendar of the year, which passes under the motto “The Epoch of people with Arkadag”.

The present trip to the complex located in the picturesque corner at the foot of the Kopetdag, embodies succession of noble traditions of the nation and serves as a bright example for the great attention of the head of the state to augmentation of glory of his native fatherland, which has brought a great contribution to the world heritage.

Unique natural landscapes of our beloved fatherland, all its splendor are rather noticeable in the first days of spring.In this time of the year, one can compare the surrounding scenery to the works of art, which inspire the human into creativity and new achievements.

Regularly interested in the keeping of horses in the complex and conditions for their proper care, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attaches a great significance for the training of racehorses, organization of selection work at high level and practice of various equestrian sports.

During his visit here, the head of the state saw the foal, which was born on January 18, the current year.Then, during his working visit to the site of the new administrative center of Akhal region, the leader of the nation went to see the newly born foal and at the request of the horse breeder, named the foal as Zaman, which symbolizes the start of a new epoch in the development of the country.

At present, as a result of tireless care of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, a comprehensive work is carried out to augment the international fame of the Akhal-Teke horse, image of which is placed on the national emblem, preservation of national traditions of horse breeding created by our heroic ancestors.

The head of the state noted that since first days, the wonderful foal has been looked after properly and it grows harmoniously.As they say At myrat (Horse purpose).

Today, the art of horse training is enriched and a great significance is attached for the care of “heavenly” race horses, maintenance of purity of their pedigree, the leader of the nation pointed out, expressing his gratitude to horse breeders for their great work.

At that moment, members of the International Association Türkmen alabaý itleri requested the leader of the nation to give the alabay, which was born on the same day with the foal Zaman, a name.

Preservation and promotion of the national historical and cultural heritage is one of the main areas of state policy, pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.Improvement of selection of Turkmen alabays has become an important part of the large-scale work in this field.

Looking over the newborn puppy, the leader of the nation marked that alabays as Akhal-Teke horses and wonderful carpets, whose roots go back into the depths of centuries, are one of the national values of the nation.

As a symbol of harmony, beauty, intangible and spiritual heritage, they make up an important part of the culture of Turkmen people.The head of the state named the puppy Eýýam in honor of the new epoch of development of the country marked as “Revival of the new epoch of the powerful state”.

The President of Turkmenistan wished the alabay puppy, which symbolizes the new era and serves a wonderful example of courage and loyalty, all the best.Today, this pedigree is considered one of the most popular ones in the world as Akhal-Teke horses.

As a result of selection work, it was possible to keep its purity, these dogs have maintained their original form up to day.And therefore, national values created by efforts of our glorious ancestors, have a universal significance.

Continuing the traditions, at presents, the work on breeding alabays and Akhal-Teke horses is carried out at high level.It means immortalization of noble principles.The generous Turkmen land was recognized as the native land of the best horses of all times and peoples.

The glory of Akhal-teke horses, today as earlier, travels everywhere.In the course of many centuries, Turkmen grooms developed the unique breed of “winged “horses, which have become a crown of world equestrian sports, selected foals and maintained purity of the breed.

From time immemorial, Turkmens developed efficient techniques of training horses and alabays.The Akhal-teke horses were loyal and reliable companion of brave horsemen and alabays were fearless defenders.

Not only numerous legends and stories, but also historical writings of foreign authors which have reached our days and glorify the amazing loyalty of these horses, testify to this fact.

When President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov bid farewell to the pets, the foal by the name of Zaman, as if in gratitude, with clear neigh reacted to the voice of the leader of the nation, who expresses parental care of preservation and development of national values and their passing to the future generations.

Then, in the territory of the Akhal-teke equestrian sports complex, the head of the state went to see the horse named Garashsyz, which has been presented on behalf of people during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of sacred independence of our fatherland in 2021 and made a little ride there.

Horse races a highlight of Turkmen weddings and holidays and today they enjoy a great popularity and are one of the most interesting and thrilling national sports.Akhal-Teke horses are physically strong, enduring, and capable of covering long distances.

Due to the purposeful efforts of the head of the state, “heavenly” horses have become a unique symbol of a dynamic movement of our fatherland towards new heights of progress and development, succession of heritage and creative force of Turkmen people.

It speaks of the fact that national values created by our glorious ancestors were always a source of inspiration.Unique natural features of the piedmont in combination with the favorable climate that have developed here, make a good impact on human health.

The riding of the leader of the nation on the grey horse, one of elite color gamma, displayed a spiritual link between human and his devoted companion.New opportunities for development of this sector and discovery of full potentials of Akhal-teke horses, which continue their heroic path in the world equestrian sports, are created.

Their inborn beauty, speed, developed intellect and unusual capabilities served as a source of inspiration for poets and artists for centuries.Further, the head of the state headed towards his study located there.

Natural peculiarities of the piedmon of the Kopetdag, the fragrant air of the first day of spring, wonderful movements of the nice foal and puppy of alabay raise the mood and inspire every man.

Summarizing his memories and thoughts, thinking over his life experience, the leader of the nation started to write a new work.President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attaches special attention to the history of the country, centuries-old national roots, spiritual and material wealth, noble traditions developed by our wise ancestors.

It clearly speaks of the fact that the leader of the nation highly honors the priceless heritage developed in the course of centuries.In the new work of the head of the state, along with noble principles of Turkmen people, which serve an example for the whole world, the successes and achievements of our independent neutral fatherland and stages of the conscious life course of the leader of the nation, that again testify to the effectiveness of crucial traditions for the country, will be reflected.

As the President of the country points out, the life experience obtained by every man becomes a priceless property for successive generations.From this experience, young people take lessons of relations between mentors and disciples, fathers and children.

These lessons are considered a priceless guidebook for the youth.In the meetings with representatives of authoritative world mass media, the Turkmen leader underlines that the writing of books is an important part of his activity at the post of the head of the state and his service to his country and people.

Owing to the enormous work and inspiration, the thoughts and views presented in the books serve the most important areas for development of the country and a roadmap for the happy generations.

In the books by the leader of the nation, there are the most important initiatives, which have a great significance for both today and the future.The new book touches upon sacred independence, permanent neutrality, great deeds of our brave ancestors, progress of Turkmen land, music, poetry, art, culture, peace, friendship and brotherhood, humanism, national views, national feelings, statehood, policy, law, diplomacy, history and heritage.

The new book, upon which President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has started to work in the year, which passes under the motto “The Epoch of people with Arkadag”, will not only supplement the works that have been already written and published, but will also empower and inspire the people and serve a spiritual support for achievement of great goals of the new historical epoch future 30 years of the Revival of the Epoch of the powerful state.

As the Hero-Arkadag underlines, love for humanity begins with love of one’s people, love for world, and love for one’s native land.Without knowing oneself, one cannot know the world.

The new work will connect the past with the present, and today with the future.It will fill hearts of generations with pride and love for their people and country.

The path of development of our country, national values created by our brave people as well as the place that our fatherland takes in the world in recent years, exemplary national traditions of government of the state take an important part in the creative work of the Turkmen leader.

This truth speaks of the fact that at present, centuries-old traditions are held in great esteem and with great love in our country.The fresh, clean air of the first day of spring, picturesque landscapes of the Turkmen land, especially bewitching mountain tops encourage the human into new victories and grandiose successes.

Today, our country makes the greatest deeds confirming that every moment of the year, which passes under the motto “The Epoch of people with Arkadag” is marked with great achievements.

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