The most stylish celebrity of 2024 has been named

The most stylish celebrity of 2024 has been named

Emma Stone, who recently won an “Oscar” for Best Actress in the film “The Lost and Lost”, according to the New York Post, has become the most stylish celebrity of 2024, reports

The publication's experts are fascinated by the actress's bold experiments with the cut of dresses and the skillful combination of different fabric textures.Stone is not afraid to play with fashion, skillfully balancing between classic and avant-garde.

She looks equally impressive in elegant floor-length dresses and daring miniskirts.Emma is not limited to one style, drawing inspiration from different eras and fashion trends.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Emma Stone has been included in the list of the most stylish stars. She has long established herself as a fashion icon whose taste and sense of style cannot be questioned.

The New York Post also highlighted Margot Robbie, whose style is inspired by golden Hollywood, and Timothée Chalamet, who skillfully combines men's classics with modern trends.

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