The President of Turkmenistan appointed the director of the “Arkadag” TV channel, the editor-in-chief of the “Arkadag” newspaper, the hyakim of the Gorjav etrap of the city of Arkadag and other news

The President of Turkmenistan appointed the director of the “Arkadag” TV channel, the editor-in-chief of the “Arkadag” newspaper, the hyakim of the Gorjav etrap of the city of Arkadag and other news


1.On Monday, the President of Turkmenistan signed a number of documents.According to the Decrees of the head of state, Atajan Mylkyyev was appointed as the hyakim of the Gorjav etrap of the city of Arkadag.The editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Arkadag” is Guvanch Mamiyev.

The director of the “Arkadag” TV channel of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography is Palvan Kakabayev.

In addition, personnel decisions were made in the system of bodies of the prosecutor's office of Turkmenistan.In particular, Junior Counselor of Justice Allanazar Niyazlyev was dismissed from the post of prosecutor of the Mary velayat.

And also made a rotation in the judicial system.In accordance with articles 43, 54, 56, 72 and 83 of the Law of Turkmenistan “On the Court”, the head of state signed a Decree on the appointment and dismissal of judges of the courts of Turkmenistan and the assignment of qualification ranks to them.

2.An exhibition of the trade complex of Turkmenistan opened in Ashgabat today.Leading local manufacturers of food products, consumer goods, industrial products, carpets and textiles demonstrate their products here.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, in his address to the participants of the exhibition, emphasized that today the products with the brand “Made in Turkmenistan” are in high demand in the world markets, which is a confirmation of the country's steadily increasing export opportunities.

3. Ashgabat has broken the record for the warmest March in the history of weather observations in the city since 1891. In March 2023, the average temperature was 17,4 degrees Celsius, up 0,1 degrees from the previous record set in 2008.

4. The Lebap Handmade Exports program has been launched in the Lebap velayat, during which 20 representatives of the region will have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of product design, digital marketing and photography.

5.Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen plans to visit Ashgabat take part in the opening ceremony of the permanent mission of the State of Israel in Turkmenistan.Cohen's visit to the capital of Turkmenistan will be on April 20.

Let us note that for 10 years the Israeli Embassy in Ashgabat had a temporary structure, which will now become a permanent diplomatic mission.


6.Scooters will disappear from the streets of Paris by September 2023.In a referendum held on Sunday, 90% of the townspeople spoke out against them.Commenting on the results, the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo, said that she would support the opinion of the Parisian voters and scooters would be gradually removed from the streets until August 31.

Now in the capital of France there are about 15 thousand scooters.According to the mayor, the future ban will not apply to personal vehicles - they can be bought and used without restrictions.

7. From May 1, 2023, ferry service on the Trabzon-Sochi route will resume after a nine-year break. The ferry, designed for 300 people, will also accommodate 200 cars, 6 buses and 12 bulk containers. The distance in a straight line across the Black Sea between cities is 288 kilometers.


8.The national team of Turkmenistan in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling will take part in the Asian Championship.The tournament will be held in Astana from April 7 to 14.

The competition program includes drawing medals in 10 weight categories in Greco-Roman, freestyle and women's wrestling.Athletes from more than 20 countries will take part in the Asian Wrestling Championship in Kazakhstan.

9.Alexander Krestinin left the post of head coach of the Kyrgyz national football team.The decision was made by mutual agreement of the parties, the press service of the Kyrgyz Football Union reports.

Alexander Krestinin has been the head coach of the national team of Kyrgyzstan since 2014.Under his leadership, in 2019, the national team of Kyrgyzstan for the first time in its history received a ticket to the Asian Cup in the UAE, reaching the 1/8 finals of the tournament.

The national team of Kyrgyzstan also, together with Krestinin, received a second ticket to the Asian Cup in 2023, overcoming the qualifying tournament in June 2022.

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