The procedure for passing a professional exam for guides was approved, the ruins of an ancient Turkmen settlement were found at the bottom of Lake Van, "Merv" entered the group round of the AFC Cup and other news

The procedure for passing a professional exam for guides was approved, the ruins of an ancient Turkmen settlement were found at the bottom of Lake Van, "Merv" entered the group round of the AFC Cup and other news


1.The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan approved the conditions and procedure for passing a professional exam for guide-interpreters and instructors, as well as the procedure for issuing a professional certificate.

The relevant document is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan.According to the order, individuals wishing to provide the services of guides and instructors must pass a professional exam.

The certificate is issued to persons who have successfully passed a professional exam for a period of three years and gives the right to provide the services of a guide or instructor in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan.

2.In Lake Vanna, a depth of 23 meters, underwater archaeologists have discovered a very strange settlement.Near the settlement, a cemetery was found, some of the tombstones of which were marked with Christian crosses, and some with signs of the Kayi people, one of the 24 most ancient Turkmen tribes.

According to legend, the founder of the Kayi tribe was the son of Oguz Khan, the progenitor of all Turkmens.

3.The UN Development Program handed over another batch of medicines worth more than 200 thousand USD to the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.The batch will be distributed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan among medical institutions of the capital and velayats.

4.In Astrakhan, within the framework of the International Festival of Classical Art "Caspian Seasons - 2023", the opening of the First International Forum of Composers of the Caspian Countries will be beld.

Turkmenistan will be represented at the forum by the chairman of the Turkmen regional branch of the Union of Composers of Eurasia, the art director of the Moscow International Festival of Arts "Sounds of Dutar" named after Nury Halmamedov, composer Mammad Huseynov.

5.The production of a new musical fairy tale for children called Jadyly söz (“Magic Word”) has started at the State Music and Drama Theater named after Nurmuhammet Andalib, Dashoguz velayat.

The new performance takes the children to a fairy-tale world, where, along with the main character, the shepherd Batyr, such characters as Dev, Lamb, Wolf, Fox and others are involved.

The performance was created based on the work of the same name by playwright Aimamed Ishanguliyev.


6.The Uzbek-Russian joint venture Gazli Gas Storage plans to significantly increase the capacity of Uzbekistan's largest underground gas storage facility, "Gazli", in the Bukhara region.By 2025, gas reserves in the storage will be increased to 10 billion cubic meters, which is 2 times more than at the moment.

Work to increase the volume of stored gas will be carried out in two stages.The cost of the project is estimated at 850 million USD.

7. Scientists at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine have announced the creation of a vaccine against alcoholism. The drug is a gene drug that is injected into the body once and restores dopamine levels in the brain. Sport

8.Turkmen "Merv" defeated Tajik "Khujand" in the playoff match of the AFC Cup in the Central zone.The hosts responded to Murad Yakshiev's goal in the 54th minute with a shot from Parviz Bokiev in the middle of the second half, and in extra time "Merv" snatched the victory thanks to a nod from Murad Ovezmuradov's head.

Thus, the wards of Vitaliy Alikperov secured access to the group stage of the tournament in the Central zone, where they will face the clubs "Ravshan", "Altyn Asyr" and "Abdysh-Ata".

The group round will start on September 20 and end on December 14.Only the winner of the group will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

9.Ruslan Mingazov, the star midfielder of the national team of Turkmenistan and the "Kitchee" club from Hong Kong, shared his impressions of the first game of the season, in which he provided two assists and helped his team to a 3-0 victory over "Taipo".

In a conversation with a correspondent of the Turkmenportal online publication, the football player spoke about his goals for the season, about new teammates and about the upcoming Asian Champions League draw.

Mingazov called the championship in Hong Kong and playing for the national team of Turkmenistan his main goals for the season.Ruslan also noted that the vacation he spent in Turkmenistan, where he enjoyed the time with his family and friends, helped him to reboot and tune in to new heights.

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