The products of the Lebap cement plant are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets

The products of the Lebap cement plant are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets

The Lebap cement plant is one of the leading enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan, with a design capacity of 1 million tons of cement per year.

The plant, located on the territory of the Koytendag etrap of Lebap velayat, was put into operation in February 2013.Over the past decade, the company has established the production of cement products of the following brands: PC 500-D0-N TDS 753-2020; PC 400-D0-N TDS 753-2020, etc.

These include Portland cement, as well as sulfate-resistant cement used in the construction of hydraulic structures.

In collaboration with specialists from the Laboratory of Technology of Chemical and Organic Substances of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, the plant has mastered the production of cement with the addition of mineral components of the PC 400-D20-N and PC 500-D20-N grades.

This new type of cement increases the strength, density and frost resistance of concrete, which has led to its demand in different regions of the country and abroad.

Raw materials for cement production - limestone, clay, gypsum, quartz sand - are mined in quarries on the territory of the Koytendag etrap.

The Lebap cement plant produced 1,1 million tons of cement in 2022, while the company exported about 55 thousand tons of cement of different brands to foreign consumers.

Cement is sold to consumers in 50 kilogram bags, and is also shipped in bulk form to/in vehicles and special freight railway cars.

In 2020, construction of the second stage of the cement plant in Lebap velayat began, which will expand the range of products produced and the geography of its export.

Contacts of the Lebap cement plant: Lebap velayat, Koytendag etrap. Phone: (+993 422) 3 13 93. Fax: (+993 422) 3 16 90.

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