The Turkmen company “Berk menzil gurlushik” produces products for the needs of the agro-industrial complex

The Turkmen company “Berk menzil gurlushik” produces products for the needs of the agro-industrial complex

The economic society “Berk menzil gurlushik” is one of the leading manufacturers of polymer pipes in Turkmenistan.

The plant, which produces pipe products with a diameter of 16mm to 1200mm, is equipped with high-tech equipment from German, Chinese and Turkish manufacturers.

A high level of automation and computerization of all production processes makes it possible to produce high-quality polyethylene pipes.The quality management system implemented at all stages of production provides for the control of the raw materials received, the assessment of manufacturing parameters and the characteristics of finished products.

The plant has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the state standard TDS 1859-2001.

“Berk menzil gurlushik” products are distinguished by high chemical resistance, reliable connections, tightness throughout the entire period of operation, ease of installation, resistance to dynamic and static loads, and a wide range.

In the line of manufactured industrial products - pipes with a diameter of 16 - 20 millimeters with built-in drippers used for drip irrigation. The plant produces about 60 kilometers of such pipes per day.

As it is known, when using a drip irrigation system, water consumption is reduced from 20 to 80%, in comparison with other irrigation methods, and the throughput of “droppers” is at least two liters of water per hour.

Water-saving technologies actively introduced into the Turkmen agro-industrial complex contribute to the expansion of drip-irrigated land areas, which makes “Berk menzil gurlushik” products especially in demand.

In addition to the manufacture of pipes, the economic company has launched the production of plastic container for storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables. The production capacity is 20 thousand boxes per day, and raw materials for they are polypropylene produced by the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex.

Contact: (+993 12) 22 74 93.

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