The winners of the jewelers' contest were awarded in Turkmenistan, the number of active users of Internet banking is growing in Turkmenistan, the Kunyaurgench meteorite will turn 25 years old and other news

The winners of the jewelers' contest were awarded in Turkmenistan, the number of active users of Internet banking is growing in Turkmenistan, the Kunyaurgench meteorite will turn 25 years old and other news


1.Following the results of the competition held among the jewelers of Turkmenistan, the ceremony of awarding the winners was held.The event was held at the Center for Public Organizations of Turkmenistan, both professionals and amateurs took part in the competition.

The competition itself consisted of three stages.In the final, the participants presented five of their products, explaining the significance and peculiarity of each of them.All winners were awarded valuable gifts and certificates of honor from the organizers of the competition.

2.Internet banking is gaining more and more popularity among the residents of Turkmenistan.From year to year, the number of users is growing at a rapid pace.

As of June 2023, the number of active users of the Internet banking service exceeded 980 thousand.The market leader in this indicator is “Daikhanbank”, the second is Bank “Turkmenistan”, and the third is “Turkmenbashi” Bank.

3.A rare exhibit of the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan - the Kunyaurgench meteorite will turn 25 the other day.The celestial body fell on the territory of Turkmenistan on June 20, 1998 at 17:30 local time, 7 kilometers south of the city of Kunyaurgench.

The Kunyaurgench meteorite became the fifth sample of extraterrestrial matter recorded in the country in 40 years.Eyewitnesses remind that a meteorite fell on the edge of a cotton field where people worked, a few dozen meters from a residential building, and by a lucky chance no one was hurt.

4.On Saturday in the countries of Central Asia, the competition of short films “Shoot in 48 hours”, organized with the support of the US Mission in Kazakhstan, was launched.

In total, 1403 applications were submitted for participation in the project in 2023, including 41 from Turkmenistan.Topics of the creative task in the current year: the object is a bridge, the character is a clown, the phrase is “And that's not all!”.

Under the terms of the competition, the filmmakers had to integrate the character, objects and phrase into their story, both literally and metaphorically.The main prize of the competition is studying at the New York Film Academy.


5.Astrakhan shipping companies are ready to get involved in the creation of a shipping line in the Caspian Sea between Astrakhan and the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi.

This was announced by the governor of the Astrakhan region Igor Babushkin within the framework of the SPIEF.According to him, the region has the potential to build up the fleet.

Astrakhan shipbuilders are ready to build ships for work on the Caspian shipping lines.

6.A real estate agent from Los Angeles found in the basement of the house, which he inherited, a treasure of 800 thousand coins with a denomination of one penny.

Coins were stacked in bags, bank bags for storing change and milk bags.According to preliminary estimates, the number of coins found was equivalent to 8 thousand dollars, but the owner of the treasure still cannot name their exact number, although about a year has passed since the discovery of the treasure.


7.At the Asian Youth Championship in freestyle wrestling in Bishkek, the winner of the gold medal in the weight category up to 125 kg was determined.The Turkmen sportsman Zyyamuhammet Saparov became the winner.

In the final bout he was stronger than Abylai Sovet from Kazakhstan.Cambodian Bali Sow and Namoz Abdurashidov from Uzbekistan became bronze medalists in this weight category.

8.The national team of Uzbekistan defeated the team of Tajikistan in the final match of the group stage of the championship of the Central Asian Football Association and reached the final of the tournament.

In the final match, the national team of Uzbekistan will play with the team of Iran.In the match for the 3rd place, the national team of Kyrgyzstan will meet with the team of Oman, which beat Turkmenistan with a score of 2:0 in the decisive match for qualifying from the group.

The final and the match for third place will take place on June 20 in Tashkent.

9.The national volleyball team of Turkmenistan with a score of 1:3 lost to the team Kyrgyzstan-2 in the first round of the League of Nations of the Central Asian Volleyball Association.

It should be noted that seven teams take part in the competitions held in Cholpon-Ata - Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kyrgyzstan-2.Teams will first hold a round-robin tournament, in which they will play each other once.

The teams that took the first two places at the end of the group stage will compete for the title of the winner in the final match.Teams that take third and fourth places will compete for bronze medals.

10.The Spain national football team beat Croatia in the final of the Nations League on penalties.The main and additional time of the match ended in a draw - 0:0, in the penalty shoot-out the Spanish players were more successful.

In the match for 3rd place, the Italian team defeated the Netherlands with a score of 3:2.The last draw of the League of Nations was the third in history.

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