Türkmenenergo Will Build Solar Power Plants in Rural Areas

Türkmenenergo Will Build Solar Power Plants in Rural Areas

Türkmenenergo energy corporation aims to build solar power stations in remote areas of Turkmenistan, Dovlet Allayarov, the head of Türkmenenergo renewable energy development service, said at the international scientific conference "Energy prospects, new technologies and environmental aspects of hydrocarbon deposits development" held in Ashgabat on Thursday.

According to the e-newspaper of Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry, the total capacity of the planned power plants at the initial stage will be more than 6 MW.

Dovlet Allayarov emphasized that Turkmen specialists have international experience in the sphere of renewable energy sources and realize several initiatives in the area.

According to the official media of Turkmenistan, the event, which brought together over 800 delegates from 20 countries, was held in three sessions.The first session discussed new technologies and energy transition, the second - reduction of methane and carbon emissions to completely eliminate emissions and monetization, the third - clean energy production initiatives, as well as new opportunities for environmental and climate finance.

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