Turkey publishes a list of 25 Turkmen activists to be deported to their home country

25 Turkmen activists in Turkey are facing possible forcible deportation to their home country. The Turkish authorities view their activities as “a problem of national security”,- the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights reported on 31 January, 2022.

Last week the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation received a copy of a confidential document from the Turkish police, which includes a list of 25 activists from Turkmenistan who face possible detention and deportation to their home country. According to human rights defenders, they have been included in the list at the behest of Ashgabat.

The document lists the first and last names, dates of birth, passport numbers and numbers of Turkish ID numbers but is not dated, stamped or signed.During detentions and interrogation last autumn two Turkmen activists and four attorneys managed to see this list separately but law enforcement officers prevented them from making copies.

They also refused to inform them which authority had issued the document.

Civil society representatives in Turkey are aware of a list of 13 activists who allegedly threaten the security of diplomats, which had been sent to the Turkish authorities by Turkmenistan’s Consulate in Istanbul.

The names of 11 Turkmen nationals residing in Turkey are included in a new police document.Two individuals have not been included in the “list 25”: an opposition member Murad Kurbanov living in France, who was denied entry to Turkey in early September 2021 and a national of Uzbekistan Jumasapar Dadebayev.

Four of the individuals from the list had been undergoing a deportation procedure in the autumn of 2021.One of them Dursoltan Taganova was detained in September for three days despite the fact that her asylum application had been registered. Vepa Orazmuhamedov was detained on 11 November, 2021 and is still being kept in a deportation centre.

The attorney Abdulkhalim Yilmaz is working on his case.

It is of some concern that the Turkish authorities assign the G-87 restriction code to some peaceful critics of the Turkmen regime who pose a threat to Turkey’s security, which carries a five year ban from entering the country (which can be extended twice), as well as other restrictions of civil rights.

In cases of deportation to Turkmenistan activists might face torture and politically motivated criminal persecution.Turkish attorneys assume that the possibilities of appealing the legitimacy of this code are extremely low.

G-87 code was cited in the case of Vepa Orazmuhamedov as well as in the case of Turkmen activist Jumasapar Dadebayev from Karakalpakstan who was illegally about:blank to Uzbekistan in January.

Below is the list of Turkmen activists:

Abulov Kamil, born in 1986

Allalyyev Bayram, born in 1987

Annayev Dowran, born in 1985

Annayev Nurmuhammet, born in 1981

Altyyeva Narjemal, born in 1968

Gayypov Halnazar, born in 1992

Gochiyeva Hamragul, born in 1982

Jorayev Merdan, born in 1985

Islamov Kerim, born in 1990

Kurbandurdyyev Rozymurat, born in 1966

Mamedov Aziz, born in 1992

Matyusupova Nargiza, born in 1990

Meymankulyyev Farhat, born in 1992

Muhamedov Merdan, born in 1990

Orazkulyyev Govshut, born in 1991

Orazmuhammedov Vepa, born in 1992

Rasulova Hanum, born in 1990

Rahmanov Ahmet, born in 1974

Salyhova Enejan, born in 1972

Setdarova Patma, born in 1957

Taganova Dursoltan, born in 1991

Tayyrov Atabek, born in 1987

Tachnazarov Gadam, born in 1987

Hayytbayev Azat, born in 1990

Hodzhanepesov Serdar, born in 1975

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