Turkmen sambo wrestles win 14 medals of International tournament on Paris

International Sambo and Combat Sambo Men and Women Tournament Paris Grand Prix was held in the capital of French Republic on May 24 29.

Representative team of Turkmenistan consisting of 17 sportsmen, three coaches and one referee returned home with considerable baggage of different medals.

In sambo competitions, Turkmen sportsmen were exclusively on the top of pedestal, having won five gold medals

Employee of the State Customs Service Gulnar Hayitbayeva was the first among women in the weight category up to 64 kg.

Kerim Allanuriv (up to 57 kg). Yusupmyrat Atamyradov (up to 68 kg), Begench Baltayev (up to 74 kg) and Guvanch Begaliyev (up to 90 kg) have the same results.

In combat sambo competitions, the result was even more impressive four gold, four silver and one bronze medals.

There was no equal to cadet of the fourth grade of the Institute of National Security Ahemt Tangryberdiyev in the weight category up to 57 kg. Abdylla Babayev, Javlanbek Madaminov and Babajan Ivadullayev celebrated the victory in the weight categories up to 68, 82 and 100 kg respectively.

Both sportsmen competing in men and women categories have brought two silver medals in combat sambo each.

Ruslan Yusupov (up to 62 kg) and Rustam Pendjoyev (up to 74 kg), Veronica Rus 9up to 60 kg) and Gulnar Hayitbayeva (up to 64 kg) was one step from medals. For Gulnar, it was the second prize at the tournament in French capital after her wining performance in sport and classic sambo competitions.

In addition, employee of the Transport Police Department Charymyrat Annagurbanov competing in weight category up to 100 kg has won bronze.

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