Turkmenabat police officers get into a fight in a sobering-up station

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that on 3 July there was an incident involving two police officers, as a result of which one of them was dismissed.

The head of Turkmenabat’s sobering-up station (“drunk tank”) in the rank of captain, refused to admit two residents who had been detained by a police patrol.

The problem was that before being placed in a sobering-up station a person must be examined in a drug rehab clinic and obtain a certificate which states he is intoxicated.

In accordance with this procedure, the officer on duty is obliged to enter the detainee’s personal details in a log book and attach a medical certificate. Because medical certificates were missing, the officer on duty refused to admit two individuals who had been brought to the station.

The dissatisfied patrol commanding officer complained to his immediate superior the head of the city patrol office in the rank of lieutenant.

Following the call of the officer on duty, the head of the facility arrived. Two officers, captain and lieutenant, were still arguing in the second police department located near the sobering-up station in the residential district of “Vodnik”.

The head of the second department tried to resolve the conflict between two officers amicably, but it ended in a fight.As a result, pursuant to the decision of the head of the police city department the head of the sobering-up station was dismissed while the head of the patrol service was reprimanded.The post Turkmenabat police officers get into a fight in a sobering-up station first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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