Turkmenistan imitates the availability of chicken meat in markets by filling packages with cotton wool

Fake counters featuring chicken packages filled with cotton wool have appeared in some Ashgabat market. Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that chicken disappeared from state-run stores in mid August and is not still available.

At Dashoguz market vendors cover empty packages with chicken giblets to demonstrate that chicken is allegedly available for sale.

Occasionally small batches of chicken are supplied to and sold at official counters of “Gush toplumy” company.However, in every possible way shop assistants try to restrict the sale in order to re-sell the produce to owners of privately-owned stores at 18-19 manats.

In their turn, the latter will be selling chicken at 22-23 manats per piece.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported in early Septembe that fake counters with groceries and false price tags appeared in the bazaars.

Customers were driven away by people in civilian clothes with portable radio sets who shouted at passers-by that this food was not for sale.

Chicken meat. 13 manats per kilo

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