Turkmenistan partially softens lockdown restrictions, resumes air connections on international and local flights, “Avaza” seaside resort waits for guests and other news

Turkmenistan partially softens lockdown restrictions, resumes air connections on international and local flights, “Avaza” seaside resort waits for guests and other news

1. From June 1, the mask regime that has been in force in Turkmenistan since the summer of 2020, will be partially canceled. Medical masks will only need to be worn in all modes of transport and indoors. The cancellation of the restriction will apply only to open spaces.

2. The holiday season in the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone will open this year on May 15.

3. Turkmenistan will soon resume flights with Frankfurt. Flight will be carried out once a week, as it was before the pandemic.

4. Domestic passenger flights will resume in full in Turkmenistan from May 25. Besides that, for those wishing to spend their summer holidays in the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone additional flights will be organized from all velayat centres to the city of Turkmenbashi.

5. In Turkmenistan, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and widows of soldiers who died in the war will receive cash payments in the amount of 200 manats and valuable gifts in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Victory.

6. Video screenings of the concert of the popular Korean band BTS will take place in Ashgabat. A video from the concert will be shown at the “Ashgabat” Concert Hall on May 8 at 12:00. On May 22, a video screening will be held at the “Turkmenistan” Concert Hall, also starting at 12:00.

7. Starting from summer, a popular Japanese milti-edpisode serial “Gochisōsan” (“Thank you for the meal”) will be shown on the Turkmen television.

8. In “Chapar” application, an option of online payment with the card of the State Bank for foreign economic affairs of Turkmenistan has appeared. Through the “Chapar” application, you can pay for electricity, water, utilities, fines for traffic violations, Internet services, home phone and mobile communications.

9. The scientists from the Texas University in Ostin found a way to recycle plastic in a week. This result was achieved by specialists thanks to a modified enzyme, which was obtained using machine learning. Perhaps, with the help of their development, it will be possible to overcome the environmental crisis caused by a large amount of plastic waste.

10. In the USA, trials on implantation of the chip into the human’s brains have started. Synchron company has started clinical trials of the first brain computer system in the world. In case of successful completion of trials, chips will be sold to anybody who wants.

11. The Turkmenistan national football team has scheduled a meeting with the Thai team. The friendly match will be held on May 27 at the “Sisaket” Stadium. The starting whistle will sound at 15:30 Ashgabat time. The previous match between the teams ended in a 3-3 draw.

12. The Asian Games 2022 in China have been postponed indefinitely. They were to be held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. New competition dates will be announced later.

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