Turkmenistan’s Dashoguz Province to Build, Reconstruct 31 Social Facilities

Turkmenistan’s Dashoguz Province to Build, Reconstruct 31 Social Facilities

In 2022-2028 years, 31 social buildings and facilities will be built and reconstructed in Turkmenistan's northern province Dashoguz, the country’s official media reported on Tuesday.

Construction of the facilities will be carried out within the framework of the "National Program of the President of Turkmenistan for improvement of social and living conditions in villages, settlements, towns and district centers till 2028" adopted in July this year.

Among the facilities that will be built are one polyclinic and a health center, 7 preschool institutions, 11 secondary schools, and three cultural centers.

In addition, 179.16 km of water pipelines, five water treatment plants, 108.3 km of sewage, four sewage treatment plants, 196.5 km of roads, 579.95 km of gas pipelines and 301.77 km of electric lines, 382 km of telephone network and 5,428 telephone numbers will be commissioned in the province.

During the period, the province will also build 721.3 thousand square meters of residential premises.

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