Turkmenistan’s police officers support restriction of women’s rights and believe that appearances can provoke crime

The authorities of Turkmenistan continue to violate the rights of women and provide guidelines regarding their appearance and conduct.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that in Lebap velayat officials from the Ministry of Education, the culture departments of khyakimlik’s office and local offices of the Women’s Association and the Youth Association hold meetings for senior female students to inform them of the importance role of national tradition, emphasizing that as future mothers they will be responsible for the upbringing of their children.

They also warn girls that “using botox not only spoils natural beauty but can also cause cancer”.

In early April Chairperson of Majlis Gulshat Mammedova informed the head of state that “representatives of the Milli Gengesh, law enforcement authorities, public associations held awareness raising and propaganda events for girls and women in Balkan velayat, which were devoted to Turkmen national traditions, family values and the sanctity of marriage, as well as ethical standards and upbringing.

Similar meetings were held in Turkmenistan’s Energy Institute.

In addition, police officers have been instructed to impose a fine on young men and women who are sitting too close to each other in parks, 300-350 manats from each person.

If they are students, the administration of the higher educational establishment will receive an official letter with a proposal to take appropriate action because their students “demonstrate immoral behavior in public places”.

The Lebap police officers interviewed by correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” claim that the majority of their colleagues support the imposing of bans on tight-fitting clothes and make-up.

According to them, girls who behave in a defiant manner and wear provocative clothes, provoke sexual crime which law enforcement officers have to deal with.In other words, police officers shift the blame for rape and sexual harassment to a victim.

For instance, according to law enforcement officers, in the summer season many cases of rape and attempted rape, as well as violence towards girls, are recorded at a Turkmenabat beach area (popularly referred to as Zaton).

“They themselves provoke young men with their appearance. We then have to look into these cases. It is a good thing that the authorities are addressing the issue”, an Interior Ministry officer said.

Wikipedia: Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell them.

As regards other provinces, married women employed by public sector organizations in the city of Mary are now barred from having nail and lash extensions or applying heavy makeup. They are obliged to wear scarves on a cylindrical frame, made of cardboard. A ready-made headdress costs 25 manats.

On 13 May Radio “Azatlyk” reported that Mary police detained well over twenty couples holding hands. In the police departments they were “educated” about traditional Turkmen values.

Moreover, according to the Radio, a new requirement has been introduced in Turkmen hospitals for female patients to wear wide, long dresses and scarves. Otherwise they will be denied hospitalization.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” previously reported that Turkmen female nationals who returned to Turkmenistan in a repatriation flight on 14 May were warned by a Turkmen diplomat accompanying them about new regulations regarding women’s appearance and recommended they refrain from heavy make-up and revealing or tight-fitting clothes.

Upon arrival to a quarantine facility women who had been wearing trousers or jeans and T-shirts changed into national or long dresses, and removed their make-up.

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