Twins with different skin colors were born in Britain

Twins with different skin colors were born in Britain

A resident of British Nottingham Chantelle Broughton gave birth to twins with different skin colors - a light-skinned son and a dark-skinned daughter, writes mir24 with reference to the tabloid The Daily Mail.

When the woman was brought to the Nottingham maternity hospital in the spring, the son Ayon was born first with fair skin and green eyes, and then the daughter Azirah, whose skin was much darker than that of her brother, while her eyes were brown.

Skin color is a prime example of genetic influence.As it turned out, the father of the newborns is half Scots, half Jamaican, while Chantelle's maternal grandfather is a native of Nigeria.

Thus, children inherited a different set of chromosomes responsible for skin color. According to scientists, the probability of such an event is one in a million.

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