What were the most popular names in 2020?

What were the most popular names in 2020?

Recently, the Moscow Civil Registry Office published the most popular names for newborns in 2020. Last year, the most in-demand name for boys was Alexander, and among girls the most popular were Sofia, Maria, Alice, Victoria, Pauline and Anna. The five most common names among boys also are Mikhail, Maxim, Artemas, Mark and Ivan.

And I immediately wanted to know what names became the most popular last year in Ashgabat. This curiosity led me to the Gurbansoltan Eje Wedding Palace, where the staff eagerly shared this information with me.

In 2020, the most common name among boys was Osman. No less popular name turned out to be Abdyrahim, quite so many new parents preferred to call their child. Among girls’ names choice fell on Meryem, Medina and Zeinep. In 2020, the name Aishe (Aisha, Aisha) became also very popular.

Oftentimes, young people choose names for their children in honor of famous historical figures who lived in the distant past. I succeed to find out which outstanding characters lived with the names so popular in 2020.

In the sixteenth century there lived Abdyrahim Khan-Khanan, a General, a scholar, social activist, poet and musician of the Great Mogul era.Abdyrahim under the pseudonym Rahimi wrote poems in his native Turkmen, as well as Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic and Kashmiri languages.

He translated many works from the Turkic language (Chagatai) into Hindi.His multi-faceted work is highly appreciated by the most sophisticated authors not only in India, where he lived, but also far beyond its borders, but in Turkmenistan it was little known and a real acquaintance with it is just beginning.

The name Osman was borne by one of the first four successors of the Prophet Muhammad, so this name is one of the most beloved for many years, and it is no wonder that it remains equally popular to this day.

This name was also borne by the founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman Ghazi, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi from the Turkmen tribe of Kayi, a native of Merv.

Also, we must not forget that each name means something, and before giving it to a child, it is not superfluous to find out its meaning. After all, the chosen name will affect the entire future life of a person, starting with the stage of personality and character formation. Therefore, the choice of names should be taken very seriously.

For example, Aishe means “living in peace and harmony”, the name of one of the Prophet Muhammad’s wives. The name Meryem means “healthy and beloved”. Zeynep is a name that came to us from the Arabic language, meaning “with a beautiful aroma”. And the name Selbi, as it turned out, embodies the evergreen and young tree.

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