Woman in New York gets rid of HIV using stem cells

Woman in New York gets rid of HIV using stem cells

New York doctors reported the first woman who got rid of HIV through stem cell transplantation, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Tests for HIV infection in a patient treated with stem cells taken from the umbilical cord, for the second year give a negative result. In addition to the immunodeficiency virus, the woman also had blood cancer, which also disappeared after stem cell treatment.

The woman has already become the fourth person in the world who managed to achieve a stable remission of AIDS with the help of stem cells. Before her, three men also received stem cell treatment, but not from cord blood, but from adult donors.

Despite the success, scientists say it is too early to claim a cure for AIDS. The long-term effects of stem cell therapy are still largely unknown. Such treatment is suitable for everyone, in addition, only 1 percent of the population who has congenital immunity to HIV can become donors of stem cells.

The woman, whom doctors call the “New York patient”, is under medical supervision, as doctors have not yet announced a definitive cure.

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