Writer Khudaiberdy Khallyev, who is banned in Turkmenistan, publishes his new book

The renowned Turkmen writer Khudaiberdy Khallyev published the book “Patterns”, which is comprised of his writings, authored throughout his creative career.

The book (the original title is Nagyş) is named after the title of a novella, included in the collection of short stories and portraying the life of female carpet makers from Kunya-Urgench.

The novella “The colour of blood” was first published in the collection authored by the writer “The last day of the century” which was released in 1991 and sparked big interest in Turkmenistan.

When asked why “Patterns” appeared and why they became the key theme in the book, Khallyev said:

— It appears that the patterns of the Turkmen carpet, the art of carpet weaving and the beauty of Turkmen girls intertwined to become integral and inseparable. That is what I tried to convey here.

In his home country the writer published 10 books but the writings by Kh. Khallyev were subsequently banned and confiscated from the libraries. Pursuant to the personal request of the Minister of Culture and Tourism they had been even confiscated from the libraries of the Blind and Deaf Society.

Khallyev currently resides in the Czech Republic and continues to write book. His book “A man with three ears” (“Üç gulakly adam”) was published in Czech. Moreover, he has authored short stories, memoirs and children’s stories which await publication.

The book “Patterns” in English can be purchased on the website Amazon.

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