Youth information and education centre actively works among the teenagers

This year, International Youth Day observed on August 12 was held under the slogan “The Youth builds the World”, which reflect the currency of the role of young generation in formation of harmonic social environment and stable peace. Conferences, exhibitions, concerts, seminars and flash mobs are traditionally held on that day.

Information and Education Teenagers Centre “The Peer teaches the Peer” established in April of this year under joint initiative of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the UN Population Fund is among active participants of the youth movement in the country.

The Centre is located in the building of capital Children and Youth Palace.It includes large group of volunteers of Y-PEER network from high school graduates and recent school students in the age of 15 24, who gained the knowledge and communication skills during special trainings.

The kids actively joint this work and attend different creative classes.

From the day of its foundation, the Centre not only initiated and held important campaigns on promotion of healthy life style among the youth but also took an active part in other similar events including in those organized in capital recreation park Ashgabat on International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The members of Information and education Centre actively worked in summer period. They held series of educational trainings in peer-to-peer format aimed at the propaganda of healthy life style principles among the youth in children health improving centres of Avaza and Gyokdere.

Maya Meretkuliyeva, an experienced mentor with years of work with children and youth, coordinates the work of the centre. The team of Y-PEER volunteers including Aygozel and Selbi Muhamedovs, Guncha Annageldiyeva, Emir Gurbanov, Altynay Gurbanova, Arzuv Atajanova and Gozel Akmamedova worked under her supervision.

Targeted informational and educational session with participation of young holiday makers were held in game mode. The kids received valuable knowledge in interactive format on popularization of healthy life style principles among the teenagers and on the necessity of quitting harmful habits.

The teenagers, who were the participants of informational and educational events on Peer-to-peer principle, will disseminate received knowledge among the children of their age.

On occasion of International Youth Day, Information and Education Centre “The Peer Teaches the Peer” prepared presentation on their activity as well as creative events with participation of the volunteers and members of different creative classes of the Palace of Children and Youth where all conditions for harmonic development of growing generation are made.

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