01.02.2019 | Industrial and communication complexes are successfully developed

The ministries and departments of industrial and communication complexes fulfilled the plan of production and services by 108.7 percent with the growth rate of 117.7 percent by the outcomes of 2018.

Vice-premier M.Chakiyev has informed the Head of the State about the outcomes of development of these branches in the last year at extended session of the Government on February 1.

Production growth rate of cotton yarn of the Ministry of Textile Industry was on 115.9 percent level, cotton fabrics on 118.8 percent level, raw silk on 123.1 percent level, sewing and knitted items on 138.9 level.

Planned objectives for production of carpets and carpet articles was fulfilled by 134.5 percent with the growth rate of 119.3 percent for January December of the last year.

Construction works at textile complexes in Kaahka and Babadayhan etraps, Ahal Velayat are ongoing.Production growth rate of mineral fertilizers by the facilities of the State Concern Türkmenhimiýa was provided on 108.5 percent level.

Execution of the plan of iodine and technical carbon has reached 112.1 and 101.3 percent accordingly.In industrial sector, the production growth rate of Ferro metal constructions was equal to 101.8 percent, extended clay to 100.1 percent, glass production plan was fulfilled by 122.5 percent.

The growth rate in cargo and passenger transportation by motor, railway, air and maritime was 103.5 and 101.7 percent accordingly. 199 thousand telephone outlets have been installed for satisfaction of the population’s demand on communication services for January December.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that according to the Constitution of the country, we have to transfer the economy from the state administration to marketing relations.As is known, reforms has been held in industrial, transport and communication branches for these purposes.

The Ministry of Industry and Communication, which would define the state policy on pricing and tariffs, organization of transport flows, has been established.It would also represent the country in different international organizations, the head of the State summed up.

It was mentioned that the ownership of all facilities of this complex will be changed.They will be privatized and transformed to joint stock ventures.

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