08.10.2019 | Farmers of Dashoguz Velayat start rice harvesting

Farmers of Dashoguz Velayat plan to receive 35,000 tons of rice from 8,100 hectares of rice fields.Same like in the last year, preference was given to high productive and illness resistant species like Nukus 2, Munbashi and Alenga, which are adapted to local soil and climate conditions.

About 2000 high productive John Deere and Claas harvesters as well as 400 units of specialized vehicles and equipment are involved in campaign for support of high rates of collecting and transportation of grain.

All necessary conditions for coordinated work of all links of harvest campaign and uninterrupted operation of equipment have been made.Specialized farms of Saparmurat Turkmenbashy etrap, which have rich practice in cultivation of elite species of rice, are the main producer of this agricultural crop in the northern region.

S.A.Niyzaov Farming Association plans to produce 25.5 thousand tons of rice this year.The etrap has modern high technological rice processing facility with output capacity of 30,000 tons per year, which provides profile farms with qualitative seeding material.

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