08.12.2018 | Turkmenistan Austria: Symphony of friendship and art

Magtumguly Music and Drama Theatre hosted the event and the concert of Turkmen Austrian symphonic orchestra Galkynysh dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Austrian Turkmen Society.It is remarkable that this event, which was organized by the foreign Ministry together with the Ministry of Culture of the country and Austrian Turkmen Society, was held on the threshold of International Neutrality Day.

It highlights its importance in the context of humanistic essence of neutral status of our state.The above-mentioned anniversary has been already marked in in Vienna Diplomatic Academy in November.

Representatives of local authorities, diplomatic missions and international organizations, business communities as well as professors and lectures of the Academy, Turkmen students, journalists of some printing and electronic media took part in the event organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Austria.

This remarkable event has drawn great attention in Ashgabat as well.Wide public, representatives of foreign embassies accredited in the country and international organizations, cultural personnel, participants of International Conference “The Great Silk Road: Present and Future Development” gathered in the capital theatre this evening.

During cultural meeting, the participants noted the importance of humanitarian aspect of the policy of transparency and equal international cooperation pursued by the President of Turkmenistan, which was recognized and supported by the world community.

Partnership with the European Union countries, including the development of fruitful Turkmen Austrian dialog, is an important component of this course.The fact of the foundation of social organization in Vienna, which supports the improvement of the relations between two countries, consolidation of trust and friendship between our nations, indicates the recognition of the role of independent Turkmenistan in harmonization of the world processes.

Chairman of Austrian Turkmen Society Neda Berger addressed the participants of the event with greeting speech and reminded on remarkable joint projects implemented in cultural sphere, informational and cooperation exchange for the last 10 years.

Establishment of the Society in 2008 is directly related to the first official visit of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to Austria.Turkmen Austrian symphonic orchestra Galkynysh the unique music collective having no analogues in the world, was founded shortly after the visit in May 2009 with the support and under the patronage of the Head of Turkmenistan.

At the same time, the first concert of musicians was given in the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre where the Head of the State as an honoured guest.

In 2011, Austrian Turkmen Society opened it internet portal, which introduces ancient history and rich original culture of Turkmen nation, modern Turkmenistan, its economic and tourist potential, achievements in sports in English, German and Russian languages.

On June 12, 2013, Austrian Turkmen Society received international status and was accepted as full member of the Head Association of all Austrian Foreign Societies (PaN), which has more than hundred members and chaired by the President of the Republic of Austria.

Concert of Galkynysh symphonic orchestra followed the ceremonial part of the event.Art Director of the orchestra, Professor Wolfgang Harrer was conducted the performance.Young Austrian musicians, nominees of various contests who had numerous performances with leading Vienna orchestra violinists Mary Isabel Kropfitsch and pianist Florian Feilmeyer, have come to Ashgabat to participate in the concert.

They have organically merged to the team of Turkmen musicians.The orchestra has demonstrated again the great power of art, which helps to come over the borders and unites people with high humanistic and aesthetic values.

The concert was opened with pathetic symphonic play Galkynysh.The programme of the evening was made up of the compositions of the world and national music classics widely known works by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Camille Saint-Saëns, César Franck, Nury Halmamedov.

The audience was enjoying wonderful tunes of the famous Blue Danube Waltz of Johann Straus.The Arkadag song performed by soloists, State Chorus of Turkmenistan and Galkynysh orchestra was the final chord of the festival of Turkmen Austrian friendship.

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