14.12.2017 | Representative of Turkmenistan and USA business circles outline the spheres of interests

The capital hosted regular session of Turkmen American business council, which agenda included the perspectives of further development of bilateral cooperation.Heads and representatives of the ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, city administration of Ashgabat as well as leading USA companies like Westport Trading Europe, Oxbow Sulphur, General Electric, Elizarov Consulting Group, Case New Holland, John Deere, Niclaus Desing, Boeing, Coca-cola as well as Memphis University took part in the meeting.

Opening the session, the speakers gave high appraisal to foreign strategy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at the expansion of interstate relations with all interested countries of the world.

Having noted exclusively constructive character of the meeting with Turkmen Leader on the day before, Executive Director of Turkmen American Business Council Eric Stuart expressed the confidence that the support of the business in Turkmenistan by the USA Government would allow consolidating economic component of bilateral relations and bringing them to higher level.

Having stated with delight existing mutual interest that provides steadfast dynamics of the development of trade and economic partnership, the participants highlighted important role of Business Council that was founded in 2007.

From the day of its establishment, this structure serves as efficient mechanism in the expansion of the partnership of Turkmenistan and United States of America.Regular forums organized by the Council support the intensification of fruitful relations and comprehensive activation of the contacts between the state and business circles of both countries.

Important joint projects have been accomplished under support of this structure in the last years.The launch of the first Turkmen satellite TürkmenÄlem 52°E, which was performed by competent American space company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) on April 28, 2015 from Canaveral Cape, Florida by Falcon 9 v1.1 launch vehicle was brought as the bright example.The construction of professional golf court in Ashgabat that was opened on October 16, 2017 was also the outcome of the business meetings.

Cooperation with other leading companies from the USA has been established under active support of the members of Turkmen American Business Council, in particular the companies like Boeing, General Electriс, Case New Holland, John Deere, Nicklaus Design.

It was mentioned in the reports of the representatives of the ministries and departments of our country that the improvement of the wellbeing of Turkmen people by comprehensive realization of huge economic potential of the country and expansion of trade and economic relations with all interested parties is the main purpose of large-scale reforms undertaken by the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Diversification of all branches of national economy by the implementation of new technologies and advanced management methods, gradual transit to market relations and comprehensive support of private entrepreneurship is the important vector of Turkmenistan strategy in the economy at modern stage.

Introducing the key directions and objectives of social and economic reforms to the guest, the speaker made special mention of the perspectives of the production of import substitutive goods and increment of the export volumes of domestic products.

It was mentioned that it is planned to have more than 10 projects under the state programmes stipulating the opening of modern enterprises for manufacturing of wide variety of construction material, chemical, household and other products made from local resources.

The fulfilment of this objective in the nearest future will provide considerable increment of the export potential and the expansion of the capabilities of our country by comprehensive use of natural resources.

The issues of legal protection of foreign investors and companies with foreign capital were highlighted separately.In this context, it was highlighted that relative infrastructure is under development and legislation base meeting international standards on protection of the investors’ rights is steadily improved for better attractiveness of the investments to the economy of Turkmenistan.

Stating the presence of big potential of Turkmen American partnership, the speakers noted that our country is interested in the attraction of large capital and supplies of advanced technologies, modern equipment from the leading world companies including the ones from the USA.

At the same time, the willingness of domestic manufacturers to increase the export of competitive goods to America has been highlighted.The subjects of bilateral cooperation in fuel and energy sphere were one of the main subjects of the plenary sessions of the meeting.

Modern Turkmenistan having big natural resources is among the leading states of the world with strong oil and gas infrastructure.The diversification of transport infrastructure that is able to provide the supply of energy resources by the establishment of ramified pipeline network is the strategic priority for our country.

In this context, the participants of the session presented the information about the projects carried out at present time in this direction as well as about new perspectives of business partnership.

Interested exchange of the opinions on the expansion of the collaboration in transport and communication sector also took place during the session.It was mentioned in the speeches that Turkmenistan having impressive transit and transport potential tries to realize it with the maximum output performing targeted national programmes for comprehensive modernization of equipment and facilities base and infrastructure of this branch and on the formation of modern logistic centres.

The role of our country as important regional centre supporting considerable increase of the trade turnover has been highlighted in the speeches during the session.In this context, the appropriateness of the initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has been highlighted and detailed information about active work for the optimization of transport flows on Eurasian continent has been presented.

Discussing perspective projects of the development of trade and transport infrastructure, the guest gave high appraisal to rapid rates of the construction of air terminals, seaports, railways, roads and bridges in Turkmenistan.

The main attention has been paid to the partnership in financial and banking sphere, chemical industry, construction, energy, agriculture and food industry among wide range of the subjects.The consolidation of cooperation in humanitarian sphere has also been discussed at the session.

The speakers, making special mention that innovative model of the development chosen by our country requires high professionalism of the specialists of all branches and hence, well trained, creatively thinking and easily orienting in all achievements of scientific and technical progress young people, highlighted the perspective of the partnership in educational sphere.

The participants of the session also noted that large opportunities are opening with grandiose plans of Turkmenistan on tourism development.In their turn, the representatives of the USA business circles highlighted that American companies that have huge experience in innovative sphere express their interest in active participation in the projects initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In this regard, it was spoken about the willingness to propose new scientific and production developments for the realization of joint projects in strategic spheres.In the end of the session, the participants, having highlighted the importance of regular session of Turkmen American Business Council in the context of the development of efficient model of the cooperation meeting the time demands, expressed the confidence that its outcomes would give new dynamics to the consolidation of constructive bilateral partnership.

The perspectives of the cooperation development have been discussed during the meetings held between the representatives of the ministries and department of Turkmenistan with the members of the USA delegation on the day before and plans for further cooperation have been outlined.

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