16.03.2018 | Several Members of Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Awarded with Watana bolan söýgüsi üçin Medal

Under the Decree by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, for success in strengthening Turkmenistan’s independence and sovereignty, implementing state programs to develop economic sectors; taking into account special services to the independent state and the people of the country, and the long-standing, diligent, selfless, exemplary work; as well as on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of establishment of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the following persons were awarded Watana bolan söýgüsi üçin medal: director of Ussat-Inžener Individual Enterprise, Meredov, Begench, director of Altyn hojalyk Company, Esenov, Rovshen Soyunhanberdiyevich, director of Aktab Individual Enterprise, Mommadov, Dovletgeldi Yazmuhammedovich, director of Hasar Economic Society, Poladov, Serdar Allaberdiyevich, director of Parasatly Farming Association, Allanazarov, Rustem Pirnazarovich, director of Batly-Gadam Individual Enterprise, Amanmammedov, Arazberdi Halmammedovich, general director of Erada Individual Enterprise, Hallyyev, Yakupgylych Gurbandurdyyevich, head of Hilal Individual Enterprise, Rahimov, Tachmyrad Matmyradovich, director of Baýly-Gurluşyk Individual Enterprise, Baylyyev, Dovran Mamedovich, director of Altyn Gala Gurluşyk Individual Enterprise, Gurbandurdyyev, Magsat Sultanmuradovich, founder of Abraýly önüm Individual Enterprise, Gochmyradov, Geldimyrat, director of Eziz-Dag Individual Enterprise, Ovezdurdyyev, Atajan Hudaynazarovich.

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Several Members of Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Awarded with Watana bolan söýgüsi üçin Medal
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