January 28, Tuesday
16.07.2019  | Health resorts of Turkmenistan: Archman and Yily Suw sanatoriums

Sanatorium and resort sphere is an important component of health protection system of Turkmenistan, an important aspect of the state social policy, which is gradually pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Today, every region of the country has modern health resorts where traditional therapy and disease prevention methods as well as innovative medical technologies, which have proven their high efficiency, are combined with unique natural and climate factors. Archman and Yily Suw sanatoriums, which are famous beyond Turkmenistan, are located in picturesque Kopetdag foothill 130 km west from Ashgabat. Legends about vital water of Archman are known from the old times. The resort itself was founded more than 10 years ago and is very popular both among local residents and the guests from foreign countries. After the reconstruction, one of the oldest health resorts of the region has turned into modern sanatorium and heath improving centre, which has capability to receive the patients all year around, providing them with comfort conditions for stay with the level of medical service meeting international standards. The resort is specialized in treatment of people having dermatological, chronic diseases of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and nerve systems, biliary trees and musculoskeletal system. Mineral water, which composition includes around 24 chemical elements, is the main healing factor of the health resort. The level of hydrogen sulphide in this water allows considering it as healing and drinking water. The advantage of alkaline sub-thermal water of Archman is that it can be used for drinking as well as for balneological treatment. In addition to water, it has healing climate. The air of the foothills saturated with ions make positive effect on human body. The sanatorium, which is located at the northern foothill of the Kopetdag on the altitude of more than 160 meters, has several multi-storey buildings with all conditions for consultative, diagnostic ...

Turkmen state news agency