20 thousand seedlings planted on the outskirts of Botendag in Dashoguz velayat

20 thousand seedlings planted on the outskirts of Botendag in Dashoguz velayat

This spring, about 20,000 deciduous trees were planted on a 45-kilometer stretch of road leading to the Botendag Upland in Dashoguz velayat, “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” reports.

The plantations were light-loving, fast-growing trees capable of withstanding frost and drought, including Central Asian elm.

This was another step in the consistent policy of Turkmenistan to improve the socio-economic and environmental situation in the Aral Sea region, the source notes. A striking example of such a policy is the creation of a buffer forest zone with an area of 20 thousand hectares on the eastern shore of Lake Sarykamysh on the Botendag Upland.

On the basis of recommendations for landscaping developed by Turkmen scientists, salt-tolerant and soil-strengthening plants were planted, including seedlings of black and white saxaul, cherkez, kandym, and many kilometers of power lines and irrigation networks were laid, various communications for technical purposes were built.

The creation of forest zones, the protection of biodiversity are envisaged by the concept of the National Program for the Aral Sea for 2021-2025, as well as by a number of national programs.

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