An important environmental project is implemented at the Botendag hill bordering on the Aral Sea region

The autumn campaign for the planting of black and white saxaul, cherkez, kandym and other plants and shrubs is being carried out these days on the Botendag hill in the Dashoguz region.

Here working employees of forestry administration of the country and involved the specialized technic.Seasonal activities implemented within the framework of the National Forest Program are aimed at improving the environmental situation in the region.

The course of fall planting is controlled by a specially created for these purposes directorate on the creation of an array of green plantations on the territory of Botendag hill.

Priority direction of state policy is an environmental protection, careful and rational use of natural resources.The solution of water supply issues, optimization of crop rotation, reclamation of sown areas, restoration of saline lands, maintenance of drainage collectors in proper condition is considered as an integral aspect of improving the quality of life of the population.

Today the state successfully implements a number of large-scale projects on resolution of environmental problems.

One of the outstanding examples of this is the creation of a buffer forest zone on the eastern shore of the Sarykamysh lake in the Dashoguz region, which can prevent the transfer of dust and salts from the Aral zone to the territory of the country.

It covers an area of ​​20 thousand hectares.By now a lot of work has already been done here.Based on the recommendations of Turkmen scientists on landscaping, salt-tolerant and soil-restoring crops are planted on almost nine thousand hectares.

Nine kilometers of power transmission lines, more than thirty-eight kilometers of irrigation networks were laid on the Botendag hill, a new powerful transformer was installed, and temporary pumping station was built for the successful implementation of a large-scale ecological project.

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