21.03.2018 | Metropolitans took part in a landscaping campaign

In Ashgabat, it was widely celebrated the National Spring Holiday the International Nowruz Day, which was marked by massive landscaping campaign.Ashgabat citizens took the most active part in the cultural and ecological activities, organized by the Ashgabat city’s khyakimlik and the construction and energy complex.

In particular, the brightest celebrations were held on Berkarar Street with the participation of many local residents.In etraps of the capital, both old and young came to plant seedlings.

The festive marathon began with musical performances of pop artists, who created a wonderful mood and exhorted people to sports competitions, recreational activities and planting work.Exhibition performances: national sport and game competitions, such as goresh and yaglyga tovusmak made special impression on the event participants.

Anyone who wanted to compete for the prize could join these extemporaneous tournaments.It just gave more staginess and emotional intensity to the competitions, winners of which were awarded to the general applause.

Exhibition of agricultural, food and textile products, medicinal plants distinguished itself by the exhibits’ richness, as well as demonstrating beauty of the capital.The architectural features of modern buildings were reflected in picturesque and watercolor open-air works, painted by students and pupils of art schools of Ashgabat city.

The national food dograma, checkdirme, yarma, pilaf, semeni, cooked during the festivities, were seen the true value by the event participants.Seedlings planting campaigns, organized in Parakhat-7 residential area of Berkararlyk etrap, on Chandybil Avenue of Kopetdag etrap, in the territory of Choganly residential area of Bagtyyarlyk etrap and Julge of Bezmein etrap, became the nature awakening symbol and assigned a specific meaning to the celebration of Novruz.

Totally 198, 220 seedlings were planted in Ashgabat.

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