26.01.2018 | Transport and communications complex demonstrates sustainable growth

The spheres of transport and communications completed the year of 2017 with the positive growth indicators.Reporting during the enlarged meeting of the cabinet of ministers of Turkmenistan, Vice Premier B.

Annameredov noted that the services for cargo and passenger transportation were provided to the amount of 4.892 billion manat, the plan was fulfilled 103 percent, and the growth rate made up 105 percent.

In the Ministry of Motor Transport, the plan was fulfilled 125 percent and the growth rate of the services provided in the last 12 months made up 100 percent.

The freight traffic growth rate and passenger transportation service increased to 101 percent.Within the reporting period, 500 "Hýundai" intracity buses, 40 large and 50 medium "Yutong" buses, 50 "Toyota Hiace" minibuses and 200 "Toyota Corolla" taxi cabs were purchased. 34 new bus routes, including nine intercity, one long-distance and 24 suburban routes, were launched.

In January-December, 2017, the growth rate of the services provided by the Ministry of Communications made up 103.6 percent.In order to meet the demands for telecommunications services, 441,000 telephone units, including 408,000 cellular and 33,000 fixed telephone units were installed in the country, and the plan was fulfilled 196 percent.

Within the framework of the National rural program, 296 telephone exchange offices designed for 88,848 numbers were installed and 3,597 km of communication networks were laid.It was also reported that more than 5.672 million subscribers use the services of the Altyn Asyr joint-stock company, and roaming services are provided by 277 mobile communication operators in 157 countries.

The growth rate of the services provided by the Turkmenhowayollary State National Service made up 136 percent.The passenger transportation growth rate and the freight traffic growth rate made up 101 and 122 percent respectively.

The range of services in the field of aircraft maintenance is expanding.Over the past period, the ground facilities rendered technical services to 2,256 units of foreign aircrafts.

The State Service of Sea and River Transport achieved the positive growth indicators in the reporting period 105 percent.The passenger transportation growth rate and the freight traffic growth rate made up 154.3 and 152 percent respectively.

Commenting on the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlined that in spite of the efficient assistance provided by the government, the work on enhancing the material and technical base of these spheres had been failed, and the issues on modernizing the railways and providing high-quality communication services to the people had been resolved slowly.

The President of Turkmenistan expressed dissatisfaction with the work on transforming the organizations and enterprises of the industry into joint-stock companies, as well as training of highly qualified personnel.

In this regard, the President instructed the Vice Premier to take all necessary measures to strengthen the labor discipline, as well as to improve the quality of services for the transportation of passengers and goods.

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