New buses and taxis replenishes Ashgabat fleet of vehicle

200 new buses "Hyundai New Super Aero City" (Republic of Korea) and 100 cars-taxis "Toyota Corolla" (Japan) entered the city routes in Ashgabat.Modern vehicles, replenished the capital's fleet of vehicles, will allow travelling with great comfort around the city, which has recently significantly expanded its borders - new residential areas are being built, avenues and streets are being laid.

According to the TDH in the Ministry of Automobile Transport, according to contracts concluded recently only with world-famous companies, total of 840 vehicles have been purchased, of which 500 buses are of "Hyundai New Super Aero City" and 200 cars of "Toyota Corolla", 50 buses of the middle class of the brand "Yutong", 50 minibuses of the brand "Toyota Hiace", 40 large buses of the brand "Yutong".

Purchased new cars will be used to serve both urban routes, and for participants and guests of the Games "Ashgabat 2017".The convenience of new cars has already been appreciated by both drivers and passengers.

In addition, in May of this year 30 buses of "Hyundai Aero City", decorated with the symbols of the Games - the silhouette of the Akhalteke horse, bright patterned talisman and the pretty Vepaly Alabai, appeared on the streets of Ashgabat.

Currently, Korean cars made a significant part of the vehicle fleet of public transport in Turkmenistan.The partnership in this segment has proved its effectiveness and both sides are aimed at its continuation on a long-term basis.

Clear confirmation serves the fact that Hyundai Corporation, whose products are of high quality and in accordance with the weather and climate conditions of our country, has been chosen as one of the official suppliers of cars for the Games "Ashgabat 2017".

The spacious and cozy salon of the large city bus "Hyunda New Super Aero City" is designed for 27 seats.The standard configuration contains everything a person needs: an air conditioner that maintains the optimum temperature in the passenger compartment, a fan of free air flow, a radio tape recorder, a speakerphone, bright internal lighting, an electronic clock.

The machines are equipped with modern engines corresponding to the Euro 4 ecological standard, which will reduce the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere and make the metropolitan air cleaner.

Taxis are equipped with check devices, mobile payment terminals for non-cash payments using bank cards.Devices of the system of the location (GPS) were installed in buses and cars, which would allow determining the current location of the vehicle, as well as monitor speeding by the driver.

Particularly high requirements for safety, reliability and environmental friendliness are demanded to all types of public transport and cars.By these criteria comfortable cars of popular brands meet the highest requirements of international standards.

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