26.09.2017 | Turkmenistan confidently keeps the lead in the overall medal standings of the Asian Games

The day before closing of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, venues of the Olympic Village hosted competitions in 9 sports.Our compatriots were awarded 15 medals in competitions in sambo, kickboxing, Greco-Roman wrestling and chess, of which 4 medals are gold.

The National Team of Turkmenistan still ranks first in the overall medal standings, increasing every game day its advantage over the closest competitors in the tournament table.Currently, there are a total of 244 awards in our team’s collection, including 89 gold, 70 silver and 85 bronze medals.

The leader is followed by the Chinese National Team, in the collection of which 93 awards, including 40 gold, 30 silver and 23 bronze medals.Athletes of Iran are closing the top three.

Although the total number of prizes won by the Iranian athletes is more than that of the team from the Celestial Empire (116 medals), they took only 35 gold medals (silver - 22 and bronze - 59).

The Turkmen winners of sambo competitions include Yenish Merdanov (52 kg) and Ruslana Nurjanova (56 kg).The silver medalists are Begli Meretgeldiyev (62 kg), Novruz Atayev (52 kg) and Serdar Khodzhamukhammedov (90 kg).

Bronze medals have been taken by Nurberdihan Orazmammedov (82 kg), Abdylla Babayev (68 kg) and Myahri Akmyradova (56 kg).The final fights were held in kickboxing.Gold medals in the Turkmen team’s collection were added by Gochmurat Jumaniyazov in the weight category up to 71 kg (low-kick) and H.

Geldymammedov (74 kg) in the light kick discipline.Mekan Amanov (67 kg) became a silver medalist in full contact.In the Greco-Roman wrestling competitions our compatriot Ali Seyhov (71 kg) rose to the second step of the podium.

S.Ovelekov (85 kg) was the third.Chess: In the men’s rapid event the team of Turkmenistan took two bronze medals.In rounds our team played very confidently.

Decisive was the semi-final game with the National Team of Vietnam, where Saparmurat Atabayev ended his match in draw, and Meylis Annaberdiyev completed one game in a draw and lost the other.

In the semifinals of the team rapid between players up to 23 years of age, Maksat Atabayev ended a game with the Philippine National Team in draw, and Yusup Atabayev lost to his opponent.

Competitions in billiards have been continued.Today, the finals have been held in the men’s snooker and Russian Pyramid combined style, where the prize winners have been Sintong Zhao of the PRC and Yzatbek Ratbekov of Kyrgyzstan.

In the women’s pool-10 event Siming Chen of the PRC has been awarded first place.The finalists have been determined in the bowling team events, during which the men’s teams of Qatar and Chinese Taipei and the women’s teams of the Republic of Korea and the Philippines will continue to compete for gold medals.

Competitions in sports dances have come to the end.So, in the samba discipline the first place was taken by the couple Alexey Kibkalo and Tatyana Kogadey of Kyrgyzstan, and in paso doble - Zhu Jing and Bangbang Yan of the PRC.

In three disciplines at once gold medals were taken by the dancers of the Republic of Korea: the couple Jisuu Park and Munseong Kang in cha-cha cha and rumba, and Yong Nam Ki and Nara Shin in jive.

The tennis finals have been continued.In the women’s singles, Beatrice Gumulya gained the upper hand over Aldila Sutjiadi.Both dancers are from Indonesia.In the final men’s doubles gold medals have been awarded to tennis players of India, who have won their opponents from Kazakhstan, and in the women’s doubles athletes of Thailand won gold medals, having defeated their Indian opponents.

Futsal tournament among men’s teams ended with the final match, during which the IRI team outplayed the National Team of Uzbekistan with a considerable difference in the score 7: 1.

In a tense competition for the bronze medal, where the regular and extra time has been completed with the score 1: 1, the Japanese futsal players have literally snatched a victory from their opponents from Afghanistan in penalty shoot-outs.

Tomorrow is the final day of competitions.The last medal events of the Games “Ashgabat 2017” will be held in chess, bowling and tennis.

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