The 2018 Asian Games results of Turkmenistan’s team

The 2018 Asian Games held in Indonesia were closed today. Turkmenistan’s team took home 3 medals and ranked 32 out of 45 countries.

Kristina Shermetova won a silver medal in the women’s 53-kilogram weight lifting event and two bronze medals were awarded to Kemal Meredov in the men’s 56-kilogram jiu jitsu and Shkhazberdy Ovelekov in the men’s 87-kilogram Greco-Roman event.

China is at the top of the rating with 289 medals (132 gold, 92 silver and 65 bronze medals), Japan ranks second (a total of 205 medals 75 gold, 56 silver and 74 bronze medals) and South Korea occupies the third place (a total of 177 medals 49 gold, 58 silver and 70 bronze medals).

The results of other Central Asia countries are as follows: Tajikistan ranked 30, Kyrgyzstan — 22, Kazakhstan — 9 and Uzbekistan — 5.

It should be highlighted that the official Turkmen media outlets reported about poor performance of athletes despite the fact that they had previously covered only sports victories.

It should be mentioned that the results of Turkmenistan’s national team in the Asian Games held in Jakarta are in sharp contrast with the results of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which were held in 2017 in Ashgabat.

In their home country the athletes held the record by a wide margin winning 245 medals whereas the closest contender China’s team took home only 97 medals.

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The 2018 Asian Games results of Turkmenistan’s team
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