A rich palette of Tajik culture is presented at the exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan

A rich palette of Tajik culture is presented at the exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan

Within the framework of the Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Turkmenistan, the Museum of Fine Arts opened an exhibition of works by contemporary artists, craftsmen, as well as photographs on the theme “Modern Tajikistan”.

Visitors can get acquainted with unusual paintings with national ornaments made by the masters of the “Rukh” association from stones, stone chips (marble, lapis lazuli, black marble, serpentine, calcite, onyx, etc.). Here you can admire the gems of Tajikistan, see products made of wood, metal, chasing.

The exposition also presents cardigans, handmade robes from the collection of modern fashion designers. They are made from natural materials. There are light capes made of silk, cotton, headdresses - koshtilo crowns, skullcaps, Tajik embroidery chakan, included in the Representative List of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The bright ancient ornament is interpreted in a modern manner.

Fashion designer Nargiz Muhametzhanova presents the collection.

Visitors to the exhibition get acquainted with the works of Tajik writers and other richly illustrated publishing products.

The plots of the works of fine art and photographs presented at the exhibition reflect the original customs and traditions of the Tajik people, the beauty of the Tajik land and the sights of Dushanbe.

They capture the grandeur of Iskanderkul with its golden mountain, the unique landscape of the Nurek reservoir, the Varzob gorge, the snow caps of the Pamir, Tien Shan and Fan mountains against the background of a dazzling blue sky, green fertile valleys with blooming gardens, turbulent mountain rivers raising boiling white foam.

A wonderful series of photo portraits creates a special emotional mood, which depicts the faces of people of all ages, women in beautiful national dresses.

The participants of the opening ceremony of the vernissage were treated to Tajik national sweets.

The Days of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan in Turkmenistan are a significant event for the cultural dialogue between the two countries and another important step in the history of friendship and cooperation between the two peoples, was celebrated at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

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