Adele apologizes to fans for postponing concert

Adele apologizes to fans for postponing concert

Singer Adele made contact on FaceTime with her fans and personally apologized for the postponement of the concert in Las Vegas.The show was supposed to take place on January 21, but was postponed due to the coronavirus, which affected almost the entire team of the singer.

One of the fans who was lucky enough to chat with Adele posted a video of the conversation on Instagram.According to him, he “forgave” the singer for canceling the show and admitted that the record “healed” him.

Another group of fans chanted “It's okay” as weeping Adele, while a New York couple advised the idol to prepare for the show without giving in to the negativity.

Recall that on January 21, less than 24 hours before the start of the concert in Las Vegas, Adele posted a post on Instagram, in which she announced the postponement in tears.

The date of the new performances of the singer is still unknown.

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