Arkadag and St. Petersburg will become partner cities, the Jewish New Year was celebrated in Ashgabat, a Turkmen weightlifter won bronze in the clean and jerk at the World Championships in Riyadh and other news

Arkadag and St. Petersburg will become partner cities, the Jewish New Year was celebrated in Ashgabat, a Turkmen weightlifter won bronze in the clean and jerk at the World Championships in Riyadh and other news


1.Within the framework of his visit to Turkmenistan, Governor of St.Petersburg Alexander Beglov visited the city of Arkadag.Here, in the city hyakimlik, was held a meeting of Russian partners with the leadership of the administration of the new city.

The subject of an interested exchange of views was the prospects for establishing fruitful friendly ties between the two cities.As a result of the meeting, an Agreement was signed between the hyakimlik of the city of Arkadag and the government of St.

Petersburg on cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian spheres.The documents were signed by hyakim of Arkadag Shamuhammet Durdylyev and Governor of St.Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

2.The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah was celebrated at the Israeli Embassy in Ashgabat.Ambassador Ismail Khaldi invited more than 30 representatives of the Jewish community and the UAE Ambassador to Turkmenistan.

The Jewish New Year in 2023 is celebrated from September 15 to 17.In his opening speech, Ismail Khaldi said that he had planned to celebrate this holiday since he took office.

He expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the leadership of Turkmenistan for their cooperation and assistance.

3.Within the framework of his visit to Samara, the Consul General of Turkmenistan in Kazan, Guych Garayev, held negotiations with representatives of the Samara National Research University.

The main issue raised at the meeting concerned the creation of conditions at the university to increase the number of students from Turkmenistan.The Turkmen diplomat noted that currently about 8000 students are studying in the capital of Tatarstan.

At the same time, there are other regions in the Russian Federation with a good vocational education system.

4.The President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov instructed to ensure control over the conduct of all seasonal agricultural campaigns during a working video meeting on Monday.At present time, winter wheat is being sown in the velayats and crops are being irrigated.

Appropriate measures are taken for the effective functioning of the equipment and units involved in sowing.Emphasizing the important role of agriculture in the national economy, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov ordered all seasonal field work to be carried out at a high level.


5.In the Portuguese city of Anadia, two tanks of red wine exploded for an unknown reason.The leaked drink spread like a blood-red river through the streets of the city.

No injuries were reported, but the winery is concerned about possible damage to the soil and residents' homes.The causes of the incident are being investigated by the competent authorities.

6.Scientists continue to study the effects of short TikTok videos on the human brain and mental state.Concerns have already been repeatedly expressed about the negative impact of entertaining videos on the psyche, but now researchers are talking about a decrease in the ability to concentrate from endlessly watching short funny videos on TikTok.

Addiction to TikTok videos is especially dangerous for children.They lose the ability to concentrate on one issue and are endlessly ready to search for something that can satisfy the dopamine hunger of their brain.


7.The championship and junior tennis championship started in the capital of Turkmenistan.The competitions are held from September 11 to 17 on the tennis courts at the Ashgabat multifunctional stadium. 273 tennis players from all regions of Turkmenistan are participating in the tournament.

Juniors compete in singles, and adults also compete in doubles.These competitions are one of the qualifying stages for the participation of the national team of Turkmenistan in international tournaments under 14 years old, which will be held in Uzbekistan from October 14 to 28.

Also, based on the results of the men’s performance in the Turkmenistan Championship, Davis Cup teams will be formed, which will be held from October 16 to 23 in Türkiye.

8.Turkmen weightlifter Gaygysyz Torayev won bronze in the clean and jerk at the World Championships in Riyadh.He achieved this success in the weight category up to 81 kg, in which 29 athletes competed for awards.

In the snatch, Gaygysyz showed the seventh result (150 kg), and the third in the clean and jerk (193 kg).As a result, Torayev took 6th place in the double-event total.

It is worth noting that at the current world championship, Gaygysyz set a personal record in the double event total - 343 kg, improving by 24 kg the previous achievement set at the tournament in Havana.

9.The Turkmenistan basketball championship ended in Ashgabat, in which teams from all velayats of the country took part.Ashgabat basketball players won in the men's and women's divisions.

The championship was held in a round robin system.In the men's group, the “Ashgabat 1” team won, “Ashgabat 2” took second place, and the “Mary” team took bronze medals.

In the women's group, the “Ashgabat 1” team also won, beating basketball players from “Lebap” and “Balkan”.

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