Astrakhan mutton will become a brand of the region in 2021

Astrakhan mutton will become a brand of the region in 2021

The Astrakhan region plans to create a new brand and register local lamb with Rospatent, writes TASS with reference to the Minister of Agriculture of the region Ruslan Pashaev. The head of the department noted that our mutton is “excellent” and “is in demand not only in Russia, it is well exported,” Pashayev said.

The brand registration procedure will begin either late this year or early next. The peculiarity of our lamb is that due to climatic conditions, the meat of Edilbay sheep has a distinctive taste.

The breed is remarkable in that it requires room for open grazing and is not picky about food at all. In the Astrakhan steppes, animals gain weight well. Now the number of sheep in the region is about 1.5 million heads.

Compared to last year, Astrakhan farmers have not greatly increased the number of animals, only 0.6% as of September 2020. This is about 10 thousand tons of meat in slaughter weight. But by the end of the year, it is planned to produce another 3.5 thousand tons.

According to the agency, exactly 3.5 thousand tons of meat is the need of the Astrakhan region. The rest of the products can be sent for sale to other regions. The most active buyer is Dagestan, from there, as Ruslan Pashayev previously reported, the mutton is exported to other countries.

Also, meat is bought by Stavropol and the regions of the Central Federal District. In addition, the Astrakhan region negotiated with Turkmenistan on the supply of about 10 thousand tons of mutton, which is about 75% of the total volume produced by the region.


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