Saragt Babayev creates Monument of Makhtumkuli Fragi

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan, sculptor Saragt Babayev began a new work - a monument to the great Turkmen poet and philosopher Makhtumkuli Fraghi.The majestic monument with a height of 60 meters will be installed in the southern part of the capital, on a natural hill, located not far from the Path of Health.

The park area will be developed around the sculpture.

As considered by the author, the greatness of a humanist and a poet, the representative of the people, whose name stands among prominent writers of the East, will be personified in the monumental image of Makhtumkuli.

This is not the first work on the monument to the poet for the twice winner of the International Makhtumkuli Award, Saragta Babayev.He created the sculptures of classic Turkmen literature in the cities of Stavropol, Astrakhan, and Ankara.

Saragt Babayev, recognized master of the national monumental school deserved recognition of the public by several works.These are the sculpture of Gorogly in Dashoguz, the fountain complex “Oguzhan and Sons” near the capital’s International Airport, included in the Guinness Book of Records, the heroes of Turkmen history in Independence Park, monuments to outstanding figures of science and cultures in the “Ylham” square (“Inspiration”) and many others.

He was awarded the title of "Honorary Elder of the People” for his great contribution to the strengthening of independence and social activities by presidential decree in January of this year.

The new sculptural project amazes imagination with originality and scale. For the manufacture of the monument will be built a workshop on an area of more than three thousand square meters in the industrial area of Anau, equipped with the necessary technical equipment for the manufacture of plaster molds for the future monument and further bronze casting.

A team of specialists - magnifiers, smelters, welders, crane operators, transport workers - will assist Saragt in creating the sixty-meter-long monument. Cast giant sculpture, as explained S. Babayev, decided on their own. A thousand tons of bronze will be needed to perpetuate the image of the great thinker.

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