Babasary Annamuradov and Abat Muhatova introduce the Ashgabat residents to their collection

The national artist of Turkmenistan Babasary Annamuradov and his spouse, the famous art critic Abat Muhatova, presented in the gallery of the Academy of Arts 500 sculptural, pictorial and graphic works, as well as works of folk and applied art from the family collection, which was formed over several decades.

The graphic painting of Olga Mizgireva, an original artist of the 1920s, initiated the family collection.

The idea of the exhibition is transmitted by Nikolai Ershov's painting “The Family”, in which the artist depicted a duet of like-minded people devoted to the fine arts - Abat Muhatov and Babasary Annamuradov. They are young, full energy and happy, ahead - a whole life for creative becoming and self-realization.

The exhibition aroused great interest among professionals and connoisseurs of art. The central part of the exposition was a collection of sculptural works by Babasara Annamuradov: 50 sculptures made of wood, bronze, marble.

The favorite working material for Babasari is a tree.He transfers his positive attitude to the heroes, empowers them with natural warmth.Babasary Annamuradov is an artist with a rich imagination, successfully installing images.

The dominant part of the author's section is an apple of a large size, which causes an association with the biblical story that occurred in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Attracts the visitors' attention the wooden sculpture of the old woman-witch - the character of the epic "Gorogly".The old lady looks like an old woman, nothing special, and only the crow that sits on her shoulder suggests that from this "innocent old lady" one can expect evil tricks.

Among the presented sculptures from metal, impress "Running on the waves." The purposefulness and swiftness of the three running women are conveyed so expressively that they seem to soar above the earth.

A rich collection of paintings made by Izzat Klychev, Durdy Bayramov, Tokar Tugurov, Stanislav Babikov, Vladimir Pavlotsky, Nikolai Chervyakov, Aman and Chary Amangeldyev, Shadzhan Akmuhammedov, Annadurdy Murataliev, Kossek Nurmuradov, Rahman Umarov, Nurgeldy Beknazarov, Azat Dzhumaniyazov and many others, makes it possible to trace the history of becoming of the national school of painting.

Among the works - donated by colleagues, and acquired.

An interesting "Portrait of Babasari" by Nurgeldy Beknazarov.The artist managed to convey the personal depth of the canvas maestro, strong character and openness, wisdom and impartiality to himself and others.

The same features are embodied in the image of Soltan Edge - Babasara's mother, created by Azat Jumaniyazov.Two portraits, performed in different styles, combine the energy of a genetic relationship.

A separate exposition is dedicated to the great friend of the Annamuradov family, the remarkable Turkmen sculptor Edy Madatov, who recently passed away.Edy Madatov had an expressive face, the features of which with furrows of wrinkles, conveyed restraint and gentleness, determination and wisdom.

Students of the Academy of Arts often asked their teacher to write his portrait.And the mentor made advances to them.The exhibition presents "Portrait of Madatov", created by Begench Annamuradov, who embodied on the canvas a multilayered inner world of the master.

While forming the sculptural section of the exhibition, the organizers together with Einstein, Napoleon, and Michelangelo placed a bust of the author of these sculptures - Edy Madatov.Napoleon Edy was sculpted in the style of cubism and painted black, in all likelihood, thereby expressing the bellicose essence of Bonaparte.

No less interesting is Michelangelo - with pronounced ...eastern features.In his hand - a clump of clay, which brings it together with all the sculptors of the world. "I took clay in my hands - feel yourself Michelangelo," - this is the author's message.

Of great interest is another work by Edy Madatov's "The Old Man and the Sea." The sculpture is carved from wood and fragmented with paint, this original approach strengthened the association with the eponymous story of Ernest Hemingway...

The unique cultural collection presented by Babasary Annamuradov and Abat Mukhatova became not only a reflection of the artistic taste and selflessness of collectors, but also the creative energy of an era in which traditions and continuity were and remain a powerful generating power.

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