Danatar Ovezov State Special Music School Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Students of Danatar Ovezov State Special Music School of the Turkmen National Music Conservatory have presented a concert to mark the immensely impressive anniversary 90 years of their alma mater.

The event’s opening number was highly symbolic.The School’s Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Eziz Jumaniyazov played the overture to the opera Leili and Mejnun’ by Danatar Ovezov and Yuliy Meitus.

In 1966, a month after one of the founders of the Turkmen national school of classical music, Danatar Ovezov passed away, the first-ever Academy of Music in the country (now Music School) was named in his honor.

Performances by musicians vividly demonstrated a big audience what lofty heights those who continue the legacy of Danatar Ovezov, Aman Kuliev, Chary Nurymov, and Veli Mukhatov have reached.Today, the School boasts seven orchestras and five ensembles, and all of them were performing in the concert.

A group of girls wearing new sky-blue concert dresses and circular anniversary badges were waiting offstage for their turn to perform with dutars in their hands.Among them were Guncha Rozyeva and Aygul Guraeva, members of a bakhshi ensemble, led by Amanlyk Amanlykov. - “Are you feeling nervous?” I asked. - “No”, answered Aygul for her friend and herself. “We love both to perform and to study at Music School.

We are closer than ever to our dream of becoming professional musicians.Now, let me introduce Gulpam Yakubova to you.She is a lead singer in our ensemble.” Gulpam looks older than her friends and seems more confident.

As it turned out, she came to Ashgabat from Iolotan, where she had been a recognized destanchi (epic ballad singer) since she was 10.A little while later, the friends with their fellow musicians went on stage to perform.

Gulpam began to sing in a strong, deep voice in the distinctive manner of a bakhshi known for its exceptionally rich melodic patterns.By the way, all vocalists performed brilliantly that evening.

Of particular note are tenors Kurbanmurat Jumaniyazov, Maksatmurat Khojaberdyev and Kadyr Esenov, who truly thrilled the audience.They gave a heart-touching performance of a song called Tell, Girls, to Your Sweet Pretty Young Friend’ by Rodolfo Falvo in Italian, making the listeners’ hearts skip a beat.

A great roar of applause broke out after their song.The singers are completing their studies this year.According to his teachers, Kurbanmurat, who is a lyric tenor, had established himself as a singer, before he entered Music School four years ago.

Maksatmurat became a prize winner of the national musical competition run at the Turkmen National Music Conservatory this April, in two categories as a bakhshi and singer.Performed by Kurbanmurat Jumaniyazov, a song titled How Young We Were’ written by Alexsandra Pakhmutova and Nikolay Dobronravov aroused overwhelming emotions.

During the song, photographs were shown on a screen of outstanding Turkmen composers and singers, whose works have become the national cultural treasures.When listening, the audience was standing with eyes full of tears.

After the song ended, an absolute silence fell over the hall for a few seconds, and then the listeners gave an ovation to the musicians of past generations and to those who carry on their work today.

The fastidious audience obviously enjoyed Muslim Magomaev’s song Elegy’ admirably sung by Guvanch Saparmuradov and a dance from Aram Khachaturian’s ballet Gayane’ performed by Mekan Saryev.A rousing finale to the evening of music was Merdan Annamuradov’s song titled Arkadag’ performed by a quartet of singers: Kadyr Esenov, Chinar Gultyeva, Dildar Muradova and Aydogdy Gulamov, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra and chorus.

The two-hour-plus concert has become a momentous occasion in the history of Danatar Ovezov State Special Music School. The event, which left a lasting impression on the listeners and inspired the whole range of positive emotions in them, helped to spot new rising stars and names, and brought pure aesthetic delight.

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