Chicken and eggs added to ration packs in Ashgabat

Rations packs at state-established prices are delivered to Ashgabat residents approximately once in ten days.

In order to prevent queues forming in front of state-run shops groceries in short supply have been delivered to homes of Ashgabat residents since mid May.

Since there are no rules pertaining to the delivery schedule or the content of ration packs, subsidized groceries may vary from month to month. Grocery sets are delivered to different districts of the city on different days.

In late October, apart from vegetable oil and a kilo of sugar, one chicken (or half a chicken in some districts) and 10 eggs were added to ration packs which are delivered to Ashgabat residents.

The set price increased from 60 to 70-85 manats depending on how much chicken weighs.

After receiving a ration pack, a customer is obliged to put two signatures instead of one with the second signature confirming the receipt of eggs.

Below are the prices for groceries in ration packs:

a 1,5 liter bottle of vegetable oil costs 18 manats;

chicken 18 manats per kilo;

10 eggs 13 manats;

a kilo of sugar 10 manats.

To compare, below are the prices for groceries in privately-owned stores:

vegetable oil a minimum price of 42 manats;

chicken a minimum price of 40 manats per kilo;

eggs a minimum price of 23 manats per 10 eggs;

sugar a minimum price of 18 manats per kilo.

Residents of the districts claim that their ration packs were divided into two parts when eggs were delivered first and chicken, oil and sugar were delivered a few days later .

When asked about the content of ration packs, delivery persons and shop assistants are unable to respond claiming that they deliver the groceries which have been supplied to them.

A few days ago President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov charged government officials overseeing trade with providing residents with groceries in the run-up to the Day of Neutrality and the New Year’s holidays.The post Chicken and eggs added to ration packs in Ashgabat first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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