Composer Dangatar Khydyrov: Symphony of Inspiration

Dangatar Khydyrov, who is one of the most outstanding representatives of the Turkmen School of Composers, is celebrating his birthday today.His works are noted for their distinctive poetic language and expressive melodies.

Dangatar Bayramovich, a son of a clerk, was born on December 25, 1953 in Geoktepe.It was his grandfather Khydyr Aga, who spotted his musical talent and made every effort to develop and nurture his grandson’s abilities.

Dangatar started school in 1960.At that time, he also began taking music lessons and took up the mandolin, mentored by Amangeldy Gochev and Saparmyrat Babaev.In 1967, Dangatar entered the then-just-opened Geoktepe Music School, where he learned the accordion.

His mentors were Bayram Bekmuradov, Kima Yusupova, Muratdurdy Saparov, Kakadurdy Ilmuradov.Alongside with that, he started singing lessons, learned to play various musical instruments, and was a member of the band Gökdepe Mukamlary’.

The musically gifted youngster completed the five-year course just in two years.He successfully passed exams to become the first graduate of the Geokdepe Music School.His first piece of music the budding composer wrote for a song called Gökdepäm’ with lyrics by young poet Orazdurdy Atakhanov.

Music by Nury Khalmamedov, Sakhy Jepbarov, Chary Tachmamedov, Veli Mukhatov, Aman Agajikov, and Rejep Rejepov had a huge influence on Dangatar’s career as a composer.During his first months at the D.

Ovezov Turkmen State Academy of Music, he composed several songs and piano pieces.Dangatar learned musical structure and the piano under the guidance of renowned teacher Valentin Mitkalyov, to whom he would dedicate a three-hour piano sonatina later.

At the end of his first year at the Academy, students were invited to compete for admission to the Music School at the Moscow Conservatory named after P.I.

Tchaikovsky.The emerging composer successfully passed the audition to become a student at the Department of History and Theory at the Moscow Music School.He also took a course in special composition taught by Konstantin Konstantinovich Batashov.

While studying in Moscow, Khydyrov composed the following pieces: A Piano Sonatina (1972), A Piece for Wind Quintet (1973) and A Poem for Violin and Piano (1974).Later, the young composer went to the Leningrad State Conservatory named after N.

A.Rimsky-Korsakov to continue his musical education.He studied composition with People’s Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Professor Sergey Mikhaylovich Slonimsky, and was also mentored by Merited Art Worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, composer Gennady Ivanovich Banshchikov.

During his conservatory years, the composer created works noted for a unique blend of European classical music and distinctive Turkmen folk melodies.The compositions from this period include: Three Miniatures for Oboe and Clarinet (1974), Parables for Soprano, Bassoon and Piano with lyrics by D.

Azadi (1974), Pieces for Piano (1974), A Suite for Flute and Piano (1975), Variations for String Quartet (1975), A Piece for Organ Ruins of the Old Mosque’ (1975), Two Pieces for Orchestra (1976), and String Quarter (1976).

Evaluating the works by D.Khydyrov, Gennady Banshchikov wrote: “D.Khydyrov’s music is based on two pillars: on the one hand, it stretches back to Turkmen folk music this is clearly perceived, although he seldom literally interprets folk tunes, but his music perfectly captures their true spirit.

On the other hand, he is truly fascinated by Europe’s musical heritage, a wealth of treasures, preserved through the centuries, and this can be easily seen in his music.

This fusion of cultures has long been proved effective.” Graduating from the Conservatory, D.Khydyrov returned home and became a member of the Union of Composers of Turkmenistan.

He worked as an editor for the Repertoire Board, the Department of Theaters and Musical Institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, and then at the D.Ovezov Turkmen State Academy of Music.

In November 1980, D.Khydyrov’s Symphony was premiered and warmly received in the country’s musical circles.In 1986-1988 the composer underwent qualification training at the Moscow Conservatory named after P.

I.Tchaikovsky with K.Batashov.The concerto he composed for viola and symphony orchestra was performed by the USSR TV and Radio Symphony Orchestra under the baton of People’s Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Sergey Skripka, and by Mikhail Kugel (solo viola).

In 1990-1991 Dangatar Bayramovich was in charge of the Turkmen State Philharmonic Society.Apart from symphonic music, Dangatar Khydyrov has composed scores of songs sung by accomplished Turkmen singers.

His favorite poets are Mamed Seidov, Kurbannazar Ezizov, and Annaberdy Agabaev.Dangatar Bayramovich also writes music for stage works and films.In 2008, D.Khydyrov was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan.

In addition to composing, Dangatar Bayramovich also helps to restore and rediscover operas by famous Turkmen composers.At present, Dangatar Khydyrov is working as a senior teacher at the Department of Composition at the Maya Kulieva Turkmen National Conservatory, generously sharing his expertise and knowledge with young musicians and helping them to unlock their potential and establish themselves professionally.

Remaining true to his love of the elevated art of poetry, the composer draws much of his inspiration for new compositions from it.

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