Cosmonaut O. Kononenko congratulated President Berdimuhamedov on the New Year

Cosmonaut O. Kononenko congratulated President Berdimuhamedov on the New Year

New Year’s Eve and the days after that, the most beloved holiday this is the time when a huge number of people congratulate their relatives, friends, colleagues and just acquaintances and address them best wishes.

These are paper and electronic letters, SMS, messages in messenger chats and social networks computer servers around the world can barely cope with the load that has piled on them.

Heads of states are no exception they congratulate their colleagues, leaders of countries of the world on these New Year’s days, and they themselves receive a lot of congratulations not only from presidents and prime ministers, but also from representatives of the scientific world, famous public figures, people of art…

President Berdimuhamedov has received New Year’s greetings over the past two weeks from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Tajik leader Emomali Rahmon and many others we can recite on for a very long time.

Pilot-cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko also congratulated the Turkmen leader on the incoming of 2021.

He wished that this year would become “a year of further achievements and victories for our beloved Motherland Turkmenistan”.

“I am convinced that all the goals and objectives set for the country next year will be achieved, and Turkmenistan will continue to confidently follow the path of progress and prosperity under Your effective leadership,” wrote the Hero of Turkmenistan and Hero of the Russian Federation, the commander of the Roscosmos cosmonaut detachment, having wished the Turkmen leader sound health and new great accomplishments.

* * *

Oleg Kononenko is a Russian cosmonaut, a native of the Turkmen city of Chardzhou (now Turkmenabat). Four flights into space are in his pickpack, and each time, even being in Earth orbit in the New Year, Oleg Kononenko congratulated native Turkmenistan and its people on this holiday.

So, two years ago, his New Year’s greetings directly from the ISS were addressed to President Berdimuhamedov and the Turkmen people.

In his last year’s congratulation letter, the cosmonaut called one of the brightest, most significant moments of the departing year a conferment he received the title of Hero of Turkmenistan in September 2019.

By the way, Oleg Kononenko, despite his busy work schedule, does not miss the opportunity to come to his Homeland not only during the holidays, but also at the customary hour, too… And thanks to Oleg Dmitriyevich, the National Flag of Turkmenistan visited the International Space Station.

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