Creative Journey to Fairytale Land: Premiere at Main Drama Theater Ahead of New Year

The Main Drama Theater has adopted an inventive approach to staging a children’s performance ahead of the New Year.It is a fantasy musical entitled “A New Year Journey of Little Silver Robot Mouse”. 2020 is a Year of the White Rat (Mouse) according to Chinese astrology.

The central character, creative and benevolent mechanical Mouse, undertakes a long and amazing journey around the world before he comes to Turkmen children.What is more, it is a musical journey.

On the way, he meets many talented friends, who are good at dancing and singing.The production is more of a truly dynamic New Year show!Robot Mouse also demonstrates his outstanding dancing skills.

When Mouse arrives in the United States of America, he finds the world-famous beautiful doll, Barbie.You have really grown up and have become even more beautiful!

What about showing how you can dance?Barbie is very pleased and performs a dance with the elegance and grace so characteristic of her.After saying goodbye to the beautiful doll and wishing her a Happy New Year, Mouse continues his journey and meets Latin American pop-star Shakira.

The charming singer sings one of her stirring and spirited hit songs...Later, Mouse also comes across two funny clowns, a clockwork puppet with a puppeteer, young Indian men in love with the same girl, and even a dancing dragon, the traditional symbol of New Year’s celebrations in China... “A New Year Journey of Little Silver Robot Mouse” ended with an exciting finale of an improvised dance show with Ayaz Baba (Father Frost), his gorgeous granddaughter Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), and scores of boys and girls, who had risen from their seats to go on stage and dance. - Why did we decide to offer children the musical for the New Year?

We wanted to meet aesthetic needs of modern children, - scriptwriter, producer and People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Kakajan Ashirov commented on the new production.We relied on the fact that a younger generation growing up in a digital age and a world surrounded by high-tech gadgets can be captivated by a dynamic and rhythmic production with visually stunning elements, colorful costumes, original music, and non-trivial portrayals of characters.

That is why our Little Mouse is mechanical.Not only is this electronic cutie charming and quick-witted, he also has an impressive array of talent.Production designer, Merited Art Worker of Turkmenistan Maksat Amangulyev had to devote a great deal of effort to realizing the production’s concept and perfectly interlacing the New Year story with visual effects and stage design innovations.

The lively music was selected and arranged by Serdar Ataev and Makhtumkuli Saparov.The dances with spectacular elements of breakdancing were choreographed by Taisia Ataeva.Bakhtiyar Dolyev, a student at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, brilliantly played the part of Little Mouse dazzling everyone with his singing and dancing.

By the way, Bakhtiyar’s six fellow students also performed in the musical.The young spectators enthusiastically received the New Year musical show and were delighted to take to the stage, believing in the reality of the story and becoming a part of the magic.

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