Digest of the main news of Turkmenistan for April 8

Digest of the main news of Turkmenistan for April 8

An international beauty contest of Ahal-Teke horses will be held in Turkmenistan, the President of Turkmenistan summed up the work of the government in the first quarter of 2024, a mass bike ride with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan took place in Ashgabat and other news


1.The President of Turkmenistan signed an Order to hold an international beauty contest of Ahal-Teke horses on April 27 in the city of Arkadag.This decision was made “in order to further increase the world glory of the “paradise” horses, which are the national treasure and pride of the Turkmen people”.

In addition to the beauty contest, competitions will be held among artists, sculptors, carpet weavers, jewelers, photographers, publishing workers, designers and television cameramen.

2.In the first quarter of 2024, Turkmenistan demonstrated sustainable economic growth.President Serdar Berdimuhamedov announced this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, during which the results of work for the first three months of this year were summed up.

According to the head of state, the country's GDP grew by 6,3%, and the indicators of key sectors of the economy also show positive dynamics.Along with economic success, the country is actively constructing large industrial and social facilities, including new villages, residential buildings, entertainment and medical centers, schools and kindergartens.

3.The National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulated the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko on her anniversary and conferment of the title of Hero of Labor. “This highest award is recognition of your excellent work over many years in various government positions, as well as your feasible contribution to the comprehensive development of Russia”, - the message says.

4.A large-scale bike ride dedicated to World Health Day was held in Ashgabat with the participation of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.Similar events were organized in the city of Arkadag and in all velayats of the country.

In Ashgabat, the bike ride started from the “Bicycle” monument at the intersection of Chandybil avenue and Bekreve street.The President of Turkmenistan personally led the column of participants and drove along the bright marble avenues of the Turkmen capital.

The festive atmosphere was complemented by performances by creative groups and athletes along the route.

5.President Serdar Berdimuhamedov ordered to ensure the production of a generous sugar beet harvest in 2024 by signing the corresponding Resolution.The document instructs the State Association of Food Industry, as well as the hyakimlik of Mary velayat, to ensure the production of a generous harvest of sugar beets in the etraps of the above region using scientifically based crop rotation in accordance with agrotechnical requirements.

6.Livanur Berdyeva from Turkmenistan successfully performed in the Russian show “Amazing people”, impressing the jury with her unique abilities.Livanur faced two serious challenges, which she coped with superbly.

In the first task, she had to add 100 two-digit numbers in 50 seconds.The numbers appeared on the screen at a rate of 2 numbers per second.

In the second task, it was necessary to add 200 single-digit numbers, which ran on the screen at a speed of 3 digits per second.At the same time, the task was complicated: letters appeared between the numbers.

Livanur had to not only calculate the total result of adding numbers, but also name a quote from the great mathematician.


7.Thailand has proposed to its regional neighbors to create an analogue of the Schengen zone.Tourists from all over the world will be able to travel freely between six countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

The idea of creating a “South Asian Schengen” has been discussed for a long time, but now it has a better chance of being realized.Leaders in the region are concerned about “sluggish exports and weak global demand” and see tourism as a way to protect their economies.

8.Scientists have discovered that between 3 and 11 million tons of plastic have accumulated at the bottom of the seas and oceans, which is 100 times more than on the surface.

The discovery was the first quantitative study of large plastic waste that settles on the ocean floor, where it gradually breaks down into microplastics that pose a threat to marine animals and plants.


9.Maksad Meredov from Turkmenistan became the silver medalist of the World Weightlifting Cup.He won three silver medals at the qualifying stage of the competition for the Summer Olympics in Paris in Phuket.

The 23 years old athlete achieved this success in the weight category up to 81 kg.In the snatch, Maksad lifted 146 kg, and in the clean and jerk 182 kg.

As a result, in the biathlon with a result of 328 kg, he became second, 13 kg ahead of Canadian weightlifter Samuel Guertin who took third place and losing 38 kg to Korean Ri Chong Song.

10.On behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, a ceremony was held at the martial arts sports complex of the Ashgabat Olympic village to honor the winners who successfully performed at international competitions.

On behalf of the head of state and the National Leader of the Turkmen people, the athletes who demonstrated high results were presented with memorable gifts and the book of the President of Turkmenistan “Youth is the support of the Motherland”.

Among the recipients are winners and prize-winners of international tournaments in para powerlifting, sambo, combat sambo, taekwondo, tennis, and karate.

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